Tokyo Ghoul Re (S03E03) Fresh Eve

Tokyo Ghoul Re episode three is a starting point for a multi episode arc. The ghoul task force squad learns about a ghoul that goes by the name Nutcracker who  involved in on trafficking humans and selling them to other ghouls as food source.  Haise Sasaki along with his team members have to go undercover in order to lure this ghoul out and try to get her.

Throughout the episode Haise Sasaki prep himself along with his other team members on how there going to go about taking down this ghoul problem.  During the mission brief in this episode we find out that episode three of Tokyo Ghoul Re mark the return of  Juzo Suzuya character.

Juzo Suzuya was a character who was brought in during season two his character in season two was sort of mix bag when it came to handling ghouls sometimes he came across  very childish other times  he came across very cold when killing ghouls.

 I must say the way he looks in season three vs season two is very different. Season two he mostly dressed in white that went along with his white hair. In Tokyo Ghoul Re when we first see him he dressed in mostly black to go with his black hair and look more  professional which I find very interesting.

Juzo Suzuya at the moment of the meeting ask if he can be included in on the mission in which the head agent agree to it. The other thing I find interesting is it looks like Haise and  Juzo Suzuya have some type friendship which will be interesting to see how it play out considering both characters history.

After the mission briefing Haise informs his team what they have to do in order to  infiltrate this trafficking auction which  involves them dressing up as girls which I found very funny because you could clearly tell who put an effort into there disguises and who didn’t.

Haise also takes measure to makes sure his team will be ready for everything  that might come their way by training them each before they embark on their mission.

There is one scene that I found very interesting and it near the end of the episode. The scene involved   Juzo Suzuya character seeing someone on a  hospital bed hook up to a ventilator. Now the reason why I found this scene interesting is because in season two during the big battle near the end of season  Juzo character lost someone very important to him. Now if this person still alive and is in  critical condition instead of being dead this might explain a lot into why he dressing the way he is but this just a thought.

over all this episode was more of a filler mainly because everything that happens in this episode was all building up to their mission in which they are just starting by the end and it will be very interesting to see how everything plays out next episode

3/5 stars