Arrow (S06E22) “The Ties That Bind”

The entire episode was about Team Arrow being unified again and trying to take down Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) after his own team attacked each and every one of them. Anatoly (David Nykl) gave Oliver (Stephen Amell) a warning that this was about to happen, so Oliver decided to use him as a power play. Anatoly agreed to work with him and he gave him assential information about Diaz’s whereabouts. Sadly, this wasn’t enough. Though Oliver and the team tried really hard to attack Diaz, he ended up getting away. Not only that – but Diaz also started to suspect that Anatoly was working with Oliver, though Anatoly convinced him that was crazy and he ended up getting away with this. For now. Diaz instead took his anger out on Quadrant. He basically killed half of the organisation just because he wants power.

Team Arrow continued to fight Diaz. Diaz took somekind of a necklace that had a lot of value because there was a lot of information on it. That is why Team Arrow tried to attack him again. They sent Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) to install somekind of a device that would let Felicity (Emily Bett Rickard) read the information.

This then didn’t work out either. Diaz got angry about their plan and attacked them. With the device being left to uncrypt, Felicity decided to stay in the building to wait for the process to be finished, but at last – she had to back off with Oliver by her side, because they were in danger. Diaz then tried to kill them. Nothing new. And this resulted into a huge and badass explosion that Oliver created and that should have killed Diaz. But … It didn’t. It turns out that this annoying villain has about 9 lives.

Though the episode passed by quickly, it was a downgrade from the previous two episodes. As you can see, not much happened that could be talked about. There’s a lot of repetition of the good and the bad being in war. Also – Diaz is being as annoying as he can be. That is about it.

Let’s tune in next week.