Family Guy (S16E19) “The Unkindest Cut”

Quagmire loses his penis, how does he live without it? Brian & Stewie partner up again; always a treat.  And David Ortiz looks like the mama on “Good Times?  #Esther Rollins #RIP  Screenshot 2018 05 13 20 58 20 1 300x248 - Family Guy  (S16E19) "The Unkindest Cut"

And so tonight; Morty, is involved with illegal drugs; mob related. Uh?! #mostwanted.  He’s a Pharmacist with a price on his head. He’s on the run. The Mob is after him, The Feds are after him and Brian & Stewie are after him for the $10k bounty!  They go to Florida, after they break into Mort’s and find his airline’s confirmation. The mob follows.  

First stop, Pit Bull’s. He knows everything about Florida and he kinda knows 2 languages. They are looking for a Jewisb Pharmacist, on the run. He sends them to the Coral Palm Hotel, without hesitating  😁 He bids adieu to make some noise in Vegas and get paid. Cute moments

Back at The Drunken Clam, the boys wanna go water skiing. Joe has a funny story on how he obtained the boat.  It’s not shared, but they all laugh. #filler

After a hundred attempts to back their boat unto the dock to launch, Peter takes the simple route and drives his car, head first into the lake. It goes viral.  

Quagmire is first on the skis.  He’s pretty good. But he falls as skiers do and is attacked by Jaws!  He’s pulled thru the water by his penis …and then Not! His penis is gone. Nothing but a tomato like spot, where his magic wand, used ta’be. He screams!  #ouch They call for help, waving the blue flag for penis loss; stand vessels are aware.  I never new. 

At the hospital, Quagmire will live but without it. How? It’s who he is! They even read bedtime stories together. #porn No mo’giggity! Cleveland suggests he give his life to Christ or become a eunuch. This struck me as funny. No penis = #celibate

There is a reference to Liev Schrieber and penis jokes, buf I didnt get it, so #serhcarpet honorable mention

At the Coral Palm. Stewie hand cuffs Mort and pulls a gun  in an attempt to detain him for bounty.  “Where does he get those toys?!”  Mort is literally caughf with his pants down, as he’s talking his penis into urinating. 

Quagmire decides to become a ventriloquist #therapy  Edgar is his partner” who suggest he kill himself; right on stage! He pulls a gun;  but the gun is talking! Uh?! Who’s on the Sethcarpet here? The NRA and those who think guns really kill people?  Seth makes ya’think, whether you want to or not! What say you?  Who’s fooling who? 

Never the less, he doesn’t kill himself, but uses Ida’s old penis; his dad’s pre surgery. #transgender It’s been where? ewww. She gives it to her son, rather than Paul Ryan #GOP, #sethcarpet She keeps it on ice in a containerr, I think by her bed.  Bu-bu-but it’s been years! Cleveland looks thru the window. Why? #weird 

Peter eats hot dogs during the surgery. 

Anyway. The surgery goes well. Quagmire is back to his “giggidty” for the better and uni uninterrupted. However. It does  take some getting used to, cause it has moles on it. 😷 and it hurts peeing thru his father’s penis. This episode is funnier as I write it.

Oh.  B&S … (not 🐂💩) didn’t get the money, cause Mort turned himself in, before the Mob  could kill him and also collect his own reward. Clever, but #Anticlimatic

Family Guy airs, Sundays @ 9:00 p.m, Pacific Time  on Fox 🦊

3 belly laughs😆😆😆