Interview with Hannah Ferrier, BelowDeckMed Season 3

Hannah, It’s been a long time since last season and I can tell you, as a fan, we’ve missed your snark and wit. Can you tell me what we can expect from this season of Below Deck Med?

This season of Below Deck Med is probably the most explosive in Below Deck history. This crew was so genuine and really understood that we all need to open up and be ourselves for this to work. The great thing about Below Deck is that it truly is reality. The stress of our work hours, the guests and living in such small quarters are a recipe for drama and great TV!

Tell us about the new cast. What are they like? Did you have a favorite? Someone you just couldn’t stand?

As I said this cast really came in and didn’t try to hide anything about their personalities. What you see is what you get. As always, I had my favorites and there was certainly at least one I didn’t like…but you will have to tune in to work out who’s who!!!

What brings you back every season?

I would have to say the fans! I love how passionate people are about Below Deck Med, and I think it’s such a great way to show people a lifestyle that many didn’t even realize existed!

Do you think Chef Adam learned from last season and will focus more on the food than chasing girls?

I think EVERYONE learned from last season! Adam was definitely on his game this season and I’m excited for the fans to see how he has evolved with both his cooking and personal skills.

Any more Oniongates this season?

Well there wasn’t as many onions this season, but there was certainly drama.

How was it working with Captain Sandy and Adam with a new staff? Did that change any crew dynamics?

I think the crew dynamics change from season to season and that’s what makes Below Deck so compelling. I had a hard season last year with the crew and feel this year was a lot smoother – not to say we didn’t have our ups and downs but I enjoyed.

What’s the new ship like? Where are you this season?

The yacht this season is the largest in Below Deck history which had its good and its bad points. There’s a lot more yacht for us to clean, but our crew area was a lot bigger. This season we cruised the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Naples and Positano. I think it was probably my favorite season in terms of location.

Can you tell us one of the more entertaining demands the guests make (without giving too much away)

We had soooooo many interesting requests this season but my favorite would have to be a hot trainer to come to the yacht and work out with some fabulous ladies we had onboard.

How demanding do the guests get this season?

We had both ends of the spectrum this season. We had some of the loveliest guests that I wanted to kidnap and keep onboard and we had the absolute worst charter guests I have ever had in my nine years of yachting…there was a lot of stew face this season.

Any hookups this season?

Well that’s a cheeky question, I’m not going to give too much away but there are certainly some sparks flying.

Are there any special guests from past cruises or other yachties?

As you know we have Sandy and Adam coming back and we are also joined by some of my favorite charter guests again!

What’s the most fabulous adventure you’ve gone on this season? The worst?

I would have to say Capri was a real treat!

Is there anything from past seasons you want to clear up before the new season starts?

I tend to leave sleeping dogs lie and look towards the future. I think as long as you are learning lessons along the way then there’s no point in regret.

Is there anything from your standpoint you want to get off your chest?

This season you see a lot more of my layers and I just hope the viewers keep in mind that although it’s a TV show it’s also our reality!

And last but not least, tell me something about yourself that would surprise Below Deck Med fans.

The thing that most surprises fans when they meet me in person is that I’m actually quite nice!! I think sometimes people fail to remember that I am doing a very high pressure job on the yachts and sometimes I need to come down on my girls or I snap because I’m very stressed out. Believe it or not when I’m not working I’m quite a chilled out woman!!

TUNE IN: “Below Deck Mediterranean” returns for its third season on Tuesday, May 15 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.