The Americans (S06E07) “Harvest”

This week The Americans gets closer to the end game (making me very nervous in the process). The episode opens with Philip (Matthew Rhys) having to lie again about why he needs to disappear because of a “job related emergency”. This time, however, Stan (Noah Emmerich) doesn’t look like he’s buying this explanation and looks suspicious. This is not good because when Stan gets a hunch, he doesn’t usually let it go.  Stan walks Philip out and questions him. He even asks if Philip is “into something” and Philip says that his business is going under (which isn’t a total lie), but I don’t think that Stan is buying what Philip is selling with that one either.

Philip arrives in Chicago to help Elizabeth (Keri Russell) get the KGB officer out from under the FBI. As usual, the mission does not go well. They managed to get the guy, but soon he and another KGB officer are shot and killed. Since the FBI did not know the identity of the female, the body had to be taken care of. As in…left with no hands or head. Just in case Philip forgot his “Body dismemberment 101 class”, he definitely got a refresher course this episode. There were no words exchanged during this scene, but with these actors, none were needed.

The FBI now know that the target is gone and witnesses say that it was a man and a woman. Stan is now more suspicious than ever of his neighbor and best friend Philip Jennings. He is anxious to see the sketches of the witness descriptions, but while he waits on those, he breaks into the Jennings home. He doesn’t find anything, but he was so very close (causing me to  have heart palpitations).

Elizabeth pays Paige (Holly Taylor) a visit when she returns from the mission. She finally answered Paige’s questions with the cold hard truth (about time). After explaining that Paige must make a choice, to be all the way in or get out completely, she tells her that this job is for life. She will have to give up friends, relationships and possibly her life to be in the KGB. Once Paige tells her that she is all in, Elizabeth tells her that she must go and apply for an internship at the State Department.

Only 3 episodes left (which makes me excited and sad at the same time).

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