Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 02)

Alright guys and gals there is one word I can say with this second issue and that is wow! Seriously wow, I would never have thought that the events that happened in this issue would’ve happened. Especially the secrets that were revealed it is all so interesting and after reading the issue I’m just like “I want more” lets get to the review!

So in this issue we start right where we left off where Caleb, Eli, and Alvin started venturing to the dead roads, a place where no man or woman should ever travel on but sadly because of Caleb’s family having to be thrown out of the house they were living in by bandits burning the place down. Now Caleb, Eli, and Alvin have to venture out to look for more supplies so the family doesn’t starve. While on their journey Eli pointed out a sign that was left behind that looks really old; the sign read “Chicago 300 Miles to the left” Caleb revealed he left the sign fifteen years ago just when everything was going to hell and they had to leave the city. As they were traveling old family history was brought up too, wither its true or it was just Alvin trying to talk all big and tuff; all I know is Alvin is a dick when he is drunk. Alvin brought up the old family history about how Caleb had Alvin and Annabelle as slaves locked in shackles and the only reason why Caleb freed them from his own slavery is because he got Annabelle pregnant.

Can we really believe that though? Maybe Alvin really was just drunk, but if people really did have slaves before the real apocalyptic events happened then the world was more crazy and messed up than what I thought it was in the world of The XII. But what if it’s true, then that means that the world really did have slaves and the only way to get out of slavery or get your family out of slavery was pregnancy if you are a woman that is but still rules like that are really messed up and having it happen in Chicago a nice city none the less is even more messed up. Onward with the story, the three men also came back into contact with those bandits or at least two of them and Caleb had to kill them saying that it’s resulted in self-defense but was it really?  We also heard from the bandits the reason why they went to such extremes is because they have been trying to sacrifice foods and other things to the ones known as the 12. They have been hunting them for a very long time now, so now the bandits warn if Caleb shoots them down, then The 12 will be after them.

Caleb doesn’t believe in the 12 and chooses to do so, afterwards the three men are brought upon an elderly couple with a dead baby who are starving trying to feed the dead baby but I don’t think their minds are able to accept that poor kid is gone. Instead when they try snapping the couple out of it the starving couple makes a threat casting upon The 12 to hunt them down, saying no matter where they go The 12 will be after them. Caleb, Alvin and Eli continue on their journey getting closer to Chicago, but will there be any food or supplies left in this apocalyptic world? Find out in the next issue!

Now I have to be honest, this issue brought us more insight to the characters gave us more character development in the story and I really like that. This story still reminds me of The Walking Dead a little bit not a lot but the apocalyptic part of the story really does. And it’s interesting I can’t wait to see what issue 3 will have in store for all of us! If you haven’t started reading this series yet then you need to! The art, the colors, everything of the story brought to you by Patrick Trahey, Luis Suarez, Magnus, and Peter Semeti are all phenomenal. They all should be proud of this series and continue making it even after the five issue run, they should find a way to bring it back after issue five with a whole other family trying to survive the apocalyptic world. It could work if the story is great just like how this story has been fantastic!

The XII (Issue 02) is now available in comic book stores

The XII (Issue 03) will be available in July 2018