Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) “Laura”

Isnt John the sweetest?
We finally get a back story our two of the new characters, John and Naomi/Laura.
John Dorie was living a simple and quite life in a small house in front of a river, he had his routine, movie nights and boardgame nights, the sad part was he was all alone, until one day he found an injured woman on the shore in front of his house.

fear2 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) "Laura"
Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Being the good man he is, he took her and help her heal. This woman was Laura, the woman John talked about in the first episode, the love he lost and he is still looking for.
Laura aka Naomi, acted reserved and pretty quiet, she tried to flee with a car (I think is just her modus operandi), the car was out of battery and John insisted that she stays at least until she is fully healed.

fear1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) "Laura"

Days passed by, and they started living a routinary life together, learning a little about each other. John is just a sweet heart and he missed the company. Laura shares a little bit of her past, that she lost her daughter, but we don’t know much of it.
John tells Laura he used to be a cop before and he also did some shooting shows in the town. But he doesn’t like using guns, which is weird coming from a cop, thought Laura.
Everyday some walkers ended up in front of his house, dragged by the river so they decided to look for the cause of it. One of the fences of the bridge closer to her property was broken so the infected usually end up falling from it to the water. They tried to fix it, but it didn’t last that much.
When they got back to re-fix the fence, Laura took one the guns and Dorie got really mad, telling her that only will bring more problems and he saved the gun. He even refused to use it when he almost got bitten by one walker.

fear6 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) "Laura"

At that moment most of us may have though the same, right? That something happened in his police life. John finally reveals he killed a robber, he didn’t intend to, but fate chose differently and the guy blooded out form the leg wound.
The people of the town called him hero and he couldn’t bare the thought of tooking a live just like that.
Now Laura gets why he refuses to use guns. Unfortunately, a bunch of walkers moved the car that was blocking the broken fence from the bridge and fall in the water ending up all in front of John’s house again.
Laura and Dorie tried to take down one by one with an axe and a shovel but they were too many, Laura ended up trapped by them and screaming for help, in a matter of seconds all the infected were taken down by John and his incredible skill of shooting.

He decides to gift Laura with one of the guns, telling her she might needed when she goes out there. When she is ready to leave John comes clean and profeses his love, he also admitts that he doesn’t want her to leave. Laura kisses him.

Next morning when John wakes up, is not shocking that he is alone and is not sight of Laura, but he did find an “I love you too” written with scrabble chips. Damn this broke my heart!
Back to the present, John and Morgan are talking about it. This two share the same thought about “killing is not an option” or at least it shouldn’t be. Morgan convinces him to go after Alicia, Strand, Luciana and Al.
The end.

fear7 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) "Laura"

Gotta say.. Im not usually a fan of back stories lasting an entire episode, but Im starting to love this character so much already. I hope we can see more of his layers in the future and new interactions with our main characters.
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