Marvel Comics: Marvel Rising (Issue 0)

This issue is actually a great start to help everyone who is wanting to watch Marvel Rising Secret Warriors television series that is supposedly to be released probably straight to video in 2018. But for those who want to get to know the heroes before they appear in the animated movie this comic series will be released so you can get to know them.  But lets get to this review which I really think you all will enjoy and it might even help you all to pick up comics and read them too!

So with this beginning issue for Marvel Rising, it’s pretty much like another Avengers but with Marvel heroes that haven’t gotten a whole lot of attention; the heroes of the series are Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan, Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider, Patriot, Captain Marvel, Daisy Johnson aka Quake, Inferno, and America. However in this beginning issue we were only introduced to Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan and Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green; Doreen was given the assignment to become a substitute teacher at the high school where Ms. Marvel goes to that way she can keep a close eye on her however, Doreen doesn’t know who Ms. Marvel is! While on a school field trip Squirrel Girl chose to try to show everyone in the class what she thinks is cool until AIM organization came and interrupted the field trip forcing Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel to finally meet and team up with heroes such as America, Inferno, and Patriot. Once everyone was safe, all the heroes changed clothes and regrouped with the rest of the kids in the field trip.

Now this comic series already has a great start to it with this issue, I know a lot of people are excited about the animated series but you all should be excited for the comic series too cause it’s going to fill in the gaps before the animated series begins so its very important to read these issues being released before watching the series. Otherwise you will think that they all gathered up for the hell of it. However the comic series is also going to continue going to help fill even more gaps when the series does come on so in a way both the televisions series and the comic series will be helping one and the other to keep up with the story so thats a nice and interesting thing that Marvel is doing for the fans of the animation  and comics grounds.

For those that know Quake in the Agents of Shield series, yes it’s the same Quake that is going to be in the comics and animation series, in the animation series we are having Chloe Bennet reprise the role as Quake but this time voicing the character which is still awesome! Another Agents of Shield alumni coming the the animation of the series is Dove Cameron who you all knew as Ruby but she will be voicing Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider. I know being a fan of Agents of Shied series this is exciting to have brought to us for the animation series and to see those characters in the comics as well. I would highly recommend this comic series and animation series to anyone!

Marvel Rising: Alpha (Issue 01) is available this Wednesday at your local comic book shop!

Marvel Rising (Issue 0) is available at the counter of your local comic shop or you can get a free copy at