Supergirl (S03E18) “Shelter from the Storm”

Alright guys and gals we all had quite a lot of feels in this episode, it was a great episode over all I really enjoyed it, I enjoy every episode of Supergirl cause this series has a great cast and wonderful stories and some of those personal stories really hit you at the feels like how this one did with J`onn Jonz, you really have to love the scenes with the Danvers sisters and with the Jonz’s.

So with this episode we see that Jonn (David Harwood) is having trouble with his father Myronn (Carl Lumbly) alzheimers disease taking a huge turn for the worse, and it’s so sad to see how Jonn is always having struggles with helping his father. I mean I really understand this too, cause a family member of mine is fighting this disease is it nice, not at all, it’s always a power struggle to help that person to remember and in most cases they can’t remember, it just becomes way too hard for them to remember. So believe me when it came to these scenes I almost couldn’t watch because I know one day the disease for my family member is going to be that bad too. It’s hard but you have to fight every day!

We also had Reign (Odette Annable) on the hunt for Ruby (Emma Trembly) which is not good, Reign is going after all who might know Ruby’s whereabouts going from Lena’s (Katie McGrath) place where Reign had a small little fight with Jimmy/Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena, but thanks to Lena having kryptonite mist just don’t try that as a perfume ladies that would not end well most likely. After that short encounter Reign went to Patricia’s (Betty Buckley) house to try to find Ruby, where Patricia tried talking to Reign about how Sam used to be when she was a little girl but Reign didn’t want to hear any of that and stroke her down didn’t kill her at first but eventually she died. Before Patricia died she made Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) promise her to give Sam/Reign a message as well as Ruby a message; why is there so much heart break in this episode?

I really think that the Legion shouldn’t leave until Reign is truly taken care of because like how they revealed Reign has both Purity and Pestilence powers and with Pestilence’s powers one has to think that maybe Reign does become the new Blight in the future that it’s a new strand of Blight that her body creates that even Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) can’t detect within future timelines through his memory bank because he’s been in the past while everything got reset and so his memory banks could even be corrupted with false information. It’s just a theory but it could happen, anyone whose seen Justice League Unlimited animated series knows that eventually Brainiac-5 becomes a villain and then they had to create Brainiac-6 but thats a future story that hopefully the future doesn’t have to do.

And Ruby lets not forget Ruby everybody, she had it the worst this episode always thinking that her mom got sick from the Pestilence disease when she had no idea that her mother is Reign. I mean seeing that kid having a broken heart really breaks my heart, I always have feels for that kid. And I really do feel like if something does happen to Sam/Reign that Alex (Chyler Leigh) will do all her best to try to become Ruby’s adoptive mother. I mean the relationship between those two already is so awesome, and I love those two together!

And speaking of Lena, I really hate that she is now going to be lying to Supergirl saying to her face that she can trust her but then when speaking to Kara she goes to say that she will never trust Supergirl. And to be that way, I feel like Lena is heading down the same path that Lex has, to become the arch villain of the series which we don’t need Lena to be that way. Lets have her go back to being the good helper, the humanitarian of the family, not the dark sister of the family.

We got 4 episodes before the Season Finale so its quite a bit left, lets see what else happens in this seasons story I know I’m curious to see what happens!

Next Episode: Supergirl (S03E19) “The Fanatical” airs Monday May 21, 2018  at 8/7c on The CW