The Arrangement (S02E10) “Suite Revenge” [FINALE]


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The season finale titled “Suite Revenge” delivered  beyond our expectations and more. It was written by Jonathan Abrahams. It was directed by Robbie Duncan McNeill. Clara George was the line producer.

One-night stands have a way of coming out.

“Did Kyle do something to you, that is unacceptable.” – Xavier says to Megan
“I don’t have a choice.” – Megan
“You always have a choice.” – Xavier

This episode was exceptionally written. It starts off with us seeing Megan (Christina Evangelista) looking exquisite on a balcony. Honestly, we were not expecting to see what we saw next! (NO! I was quite shocked myself.) Seeing Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss III) come from behind and hugging Megan? We assumed they spent the “night together” from the scene we saw from last week’s episode. (AND, we were exactly right!)  Xavier was out of line to “involve” himself in Megan’s private affairs. I get it, he’s her friend, could be falling for her. Xavier is not involved in IHM. (JUST YET). Xavier is trying to look out for her. There is no way in hades that Megan would ever leave Kyle. Unless, it was something so unforgivable that there is no turning back from it. (We know all Kyle’s secrets.)

The Set-Up parlays The Master Plan.

“You want to prove your worthy of love.” – Terence
“You are not giving Kyle any pep talk. – DeAnn

(A match sparked a fire so big. It would take an army of firefighters to put out. In this case, DeAnn Anderson.)

“I’m here to help.” – DeAnn
“I want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you.” – DeAnn
“Did you ever ask yourself how a nobody waitress got an interview with Kyle West?” – DeAnn
“I bet on you. I am not willing to lose.” DeAnn

Last week, I spoke briefly in my closing thoughts about DeAnn (Lexa Doig) being a possible ally for Megan. My reasoning was simple. DeAnn Anderson is a woman, with no limitations, she will handle all her business. DeAnn will have no regrets. Megan needs a mentor like her. When I heard this dialogue in this scene, it hit a cord. DeAnn wants Megan to be happy. I think she sees a bit of herself in Megan. In fact, she was turned off by the way that Terence was talking to Kyle (Josh Henderson) on the “happiest day” of his life. It was DeAnn’s way of extending an olive branch out to Megan. Trying to warn her of what lies ahead when you get involved with Terence. (Michael Vartan), Take it from DeAnn, she knows him better than anyone else.

If It Isn’t Love: Kyle and Megan.
At certain points in the episode you have trouble distinguishing if this is a dream or reality. It’s an idyllic location for a wedding. It’s almost too good to be true. (You all understand what I mean.) They have Megan walking down the stairs to a beautiful wedding arrangement playing “Sateen Huuhtoma” by @kaunamusic. Terence is giving a lovely speech, that even I’m impressed with. It’s an inspirational love story on the outside. The quest for love, fulfillment, marriage, cheating and lies. (You only find that out once sign the dotted lines…) I must be honest; the wedding had a feeling of a cult like gathering. The pillars, the way everything was arranged, the way the people were participating in the ceremony. It’s stuff nightmares are made of. You wonder if Terence was the wedding planner. Again, this happens and makes me question if it’s a dream or a nightmare?
“I came back for the wedding. I didn’t come back for the relationship.” – Megan
Should we be calling this Terence Anderson’s West’s productions: “Nightmares”.
Jonathan Abrahams the creator of “The Arrangement” always shares with us the special details. “We listened to a lot of songs before we found “This is Always.” Perfect.”
Although, I can’t get it out of my head that, is someone in IHM facility getting heavily dosed with drugs? (Are you starting to wonder that too?) Their nightmare continues. “It was a lot better when I rehearsed it in my head. I think we should go on our honeymoon. Keep the narrative going.” – Megan



Beautiful Liar: Shaun.
“I was the one who moved Aaron and Julie.” – Shaun tells Megan

Finally, the truth will set you free, Shaun!
There is something up with Shaun. (Carra Patterson). I will tell you exactly what it is. Shaun is suffering with a case of “I love you Terence Andersonitis”. (It’s incurable.) The fact she can lie straight to everyone’s face, including Megan’s makes me physical ill. I ask everyone this one simple question. How long until Shaun becomes the next Mrs. Anderson? (Guesses? Anyone? End of S3?) As soon as he takes care of business with DeAnn. He will marry Shaun. That is if there is no heir to his empire.

Payback hurts. Doesn’t it.
“Aaron and Julie are the last straw”. – Terence
“What could we do about her?” – Terence
“I don’t think this is something we could outsource.” – DeAnn
Who is the real villain in this story? We find Terence winds up  doing the darkest things we’ve seen him do so far.

I love how nonchalant DeAnn and Terence are. Megan enters through the VIP entrance. Knocks on June’s door. You (Terence explains to DeAnn) tell Megan the plans changed. Terence is explaining the plan to “kill Megan”. (Are you sick of Terence and his narratives?) He explains to DeAnn you give her the dose. She is DEAD within the hour. (You notice the apprehension on DeAnn’s face. “NAH, baby, I’m not going be able to do it.”) Out of nowhere, Megan is knocking at the door. June answers the door, that was a really close call. Thank you DeAnn! You came through for a sister!
Megan is not coming.” – DeAnn tells Terence

“I recorded you describing your plan to murder her!” (Megan) – DeAnn tells Terence
(The fans just yelled out O.M.G. at their TV screens! Plot Twist!)
If you could have seen the look of terror and deflation all at once in Terence’s face. How sweet it is. “He tries to retort with a weak comeback.
“Your dead weight to me.” – Terence tells DeAnn

Go big bro or go home. What was that, really? DeAnn Anderson will eat you alive for breakfast.
What exactly did Terence mean by “dead weight”? Does he know DeAnn is pregnant with his child? He is referring to that baby as “dead weight”? Will he get rid of it? Or is DeAnn the “dead weight”? What is he’s talking about? If I was Terence, I would be extra careful. DeAnn has the goods on you.

Redemption Song.
Ah, Kyle went back to the reporter who did his TV interview.
“That version of myself is a lie. It’s impossible to love yourself when you’re selling a lie.” – Kyle
“So, what is the true story of Kyle West?” – reporter.

I found this part so interesting. Is Kyle dreaming?  Is he trying to redeem himself? Is he doing this for all for Megan. Is this his worst nightmare coming true?

Terence and Kyle conversation:
“I left you out of this.” – Kyle
“Your career is done.” – Terence
“I’m going to win her back.” – Kyle
“Everything has changed.” – Terence
Terence realizes his evil plans have been foiled for now. Kyle is more determined than ever to get Megan back. He loves her. They are married. He wants to make this work. Drat! You can’t win all the time Terence.

 Terence and Megan conversation:
“I wanted to ruin you. Take Kyle away, ruin IHM.” – Megan
“You think you’re a good person?” – Terence
“When I’m threatened I don’t react well.” – Terence
“We are even. I have something on you. You have something on me.” – Megan
Megan openly admitting she hates Terence for destroying her life with Kyle. The man destroys everything she loves and cherishes so much. Terence is putting Megan on notice. He retaliates when backed into a corner. Is Megan ready to face the kind of evil that Terence Anderson is? It was like she took off the mask and said, “This is me. I hate you. And you will never mess with me again.”


The hypocrisy knows no bounds.
Kyle being angry about Xavier, really? Don’t forget about that sleaze bag cop you slept with. Or the agent you and Megan share… (That one you slept with too.) Kyle, the amnesia going away now? You better pray Megan never finds out about them. Your excuses will never work. Besides, you and Megan can call it “Even Steven” now. (You better call off your hostility and rage, boy.)

Kyle being ever so dramatic throws a chair in a fit of rage through the glass window of their home.

“Kyle, you think you can control me, Good luck.” – Megan

My Closing Thoughts:
Season 2 was a roller-coaster ride. I have never been so impressed with such adrenaline filled writing and story-telling. We are left wondering, was this all someone’s dream, nightmare or a person’s reality? I want to keep everyone in heavy discussion and chatter on your social media outlets about this. We as a fan base need to keep this narrative going. So, for now, I leave you with this, who is having a dream? Who is having the nightmare? Is this the new narrative? KyGan’s narrative? DeAnn and Megan’s narrative? Kyle’s dream or nightmare? Terence’s dream, nightmare or new reality? What about Shaun? Leslie, Zach, Wes, Xavier… Until Season 3, I wish everyone a wonderful summer.

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