Below Deck Med (S03E01) “Ciao, Napoli!”

Below Deck Mediterranean is back with a brand new season and brand new boat.  And with a new boat, comes new drama.  With only Captain Sandy, Hannah, and Adam returning from last season, fans can expect new drama with the new crew or will past differences rear it’s ugly head?  Make sure you watch to find out!

Captain Sandy, Hannah, and Adam are joined by five new crew members:  Conrad, the new Bosun, who may be young but knows his stuff, Joao, the senior deckhand, Colin, who’d been captaining the ferry to Fire Island (yes, really), and Jamie, who round out the deck hands.  Hannah is joined by two new stews:  Brooke, from England, and Kelsey, the Long Island Princess.

This season, the crew is in Italy, and the drama starts as soon as the first guests arrive.  A group of women from a sports management company who are used to high end travel and five star service and want no starch, no red meat, or white rice.  The minute they come on the yacht, the demands start, and never let up.  The minute they’re on the boat, they demand nuts with their champagne and time how long it takes Hannah and the stews to bring it to them.  It takes a whopping thirty minutes to bring out nuts and a whole fruit plate spread and the guests are absolutely fit to be tied over how long it took them to get the nuts.  The phrase “Where’s the nuts?” could be Bravo’s answer to Arby’s “Where’s the meats?”  These women were like a boujie version of the Beverly Hillbillies, except the evil version.  For people supposedly used to “luxury travel,” they acted like this was the first time they’ve ever been on a yacht!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such rude, obnoxious guests before.

There’s tension between the deckhands too.  Conrad, the bosun, and Joao, are butting heads immediately over who’s the alpha, even though Joao doesn’t seem to realize he’s doing it.  He talks over Conrad and takes over explaining things as if he’s in charge.  Kelsey is immediately incapacitated by seasickness, so Hannah’s already down a stew on day one, which effects her service efficiency.

After the nut debacle, the guests decide they want to do “hospitality checks” and meet fellow yachties.  In other words, husband shopping.  When they get there, they don’t even get a smile from the men on the other boat and are rebuffed.  The women come back on the boat, and its time for dinner and Chef Adam to shine.  No pressure, right?  Wrong.  They don’t like anything he cooks, saying the presentation of the pasta in a bowl is absolutely heinous and looks like slop, and compare it to dog food.  The presentation is horrible, not a dinner presentation, get pissed because they have to get their own wine, and even though they say they don’t want any starches, demand grilled cheese and spaghetti.  The next day, Nicolette, the primary charter, goes to Captain Sandy and complains about the lack of service and five star treatment.

What did you think of the guests demands?  Where they being unreasonable or just demanding?  Did they have a point on having to wait 30 minutes for nuts?  Would you eat pasta from a bowl?  What did you think of the premier?  Are you excited for the new season?  Do you think Adam’s really changed?  Let me know what you thought in the comments and let’s discuss.