Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S5 EP21) “White Whale”

Man, what a week it’s been for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In case you tend to veer away from the Twittersphere, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans everywhere were in for an emotional rollercoaster this past weekend, after it was abruptly announced that the cop comedy’s fifth season would be its last on Fox. The news quickly prompted cries across Twitter to #SaveBrooklyn99—including from the likes of Mark Hamill and Sean Astin, to name a few.

Fans had reason to be upset. For those who have never seen the show, it’s a classic single camera sitcom that makes for great viewing when unwinding after a long day. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s downright delightful… and, thanks to NBC, it’s been picked up for another season, making this week’s penultimate episode of Season 5 that much more enjoyable.

While viewers can sleep sound knowing this won’t be the last we see from our favorite detectives, much of Season 5’s storyline has had an air of finality to it, and the second-to-last episode was no exception. This is in large part due to the monumental events we’re rapidly approaching that take center focus in White Whale, from Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero) wedding to Captain Holt’s (Andre Braugher) potential promotion to Police Commissioner.

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With their wedding only a week away, Jake and Amy have 24 hours—aka their only day off—to accomplish 7 days’ worth of wedding tasks. But wedding talk is cut short when Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) informs them that Sergio Mindar, a murderous meth lord from her and Amy’s past, has resurfaced after having narrowly escaped them years earlier.

Plus, he taunted them with a postcard riddled with grammatical errors after the fact, much to Amy’s chagrin.

Letting him get away has haunted Rosa, being the bad ass cop we know and love. Jake, dubbing Sergio their “White Whale” (get it?) graciously agrees to tackle the wedding to-dos on his own while Amy joins Rosa on the case.

“Huckster’s Crutch.”

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Capt. Holt, still vying for the commissioner position, is with Boyle (Joe Lo Trugglio) in his office when the marvelous Gina (played by the equally marvelous Chelsea Peretti) rushes in with news: Capt. Olivia Crawford (guest star Alison Tolman), his main rival, is heading their way. But she brings news of her own: apparently, neither of them is getting the job right now. It’s going to another candidate, unless one of them steps aside to give the other a fighting chance.

Cue the quips over who it should be—”Shouldn’t it be a woman?” “Shouldn’t it be an openly gay man?” “You’re so old!” Olivia argues, while Holt counters with the term “Huckster’s crutch” as if to disprove this point. It doesn’t.

“My Groom Gut is a Fancy Bitch.”

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Meanwhile, an overwhelmed Jake has enlisted super-husband of the precinct Terry (Terry Crews) to help with the endless list of wedding tasks. It’s here Jake discovers his “Groom Gut”—which basically means… trusting his ability to make decisions, in a classic Jake/Terry scene.

But Groom Gut is quick to let him down when it turns out Jake’s snap decision-making has led them way over budget. What did he expect when ordering tuna tacos? With the help of Hitchcock (Joel McKinnon Miller), Scully (Dirk Blocker) and some candied almonds, it looks like Terry and Jake might just pull it off—until Jake has a mishap with the car keys.

“The Sleuth Sisters.”

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On the hunt for Sergio, Amy and Rosa are feeling frustrated when he keeps slipping out of their grasp. In arguably the strongest storyline of the episode, they head over to his grandmother’s nursing home. You get what you’d expect when dropping Amy and Rosa into a nursing home: Rosa’s signature deadpan expressions, Amy’s over-accommodating personality, and a bunch of senior citizens.

In the end, all of these wrap up nicely. Jake has an “Aha!” moment about marriage that feels like it could have gone deeper, Olivia withdraws her application for commissioner and supports Holt in a surprisingly nice turn of events, and Amy and Rosa get their guy (and bond in the process.)

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Gina and Boyle’s Whisper Campaign. “The best way to bring down an enemy without getting your hands dirty!”

“How do you think I got Janet and her horrible daughter Dakota to drop out of baby bongos class?” *Whispers* “I heard Dakota has foot and mouth disease.” Ouch, sorry Janet. Holt nixes the idea, but it’s a casual reminder that Gina is, in fact, an evil genius.


Was it one of the more entertaining episodes to date? Probably not. But there’s a certain relief to be felt in watching the episode knowing now that this fun comedy has another season to go, which makes for a classic B99 watch for fans. It did for this one.

The Season 5 finale will air on Fox on Sunday, May 20th at 8:30pm ET/PT.