Save “The Expanse” Tips for Fan Action

The Expanse fans: We know you are dedicated.  After all, what other fandom hires an airplane banner to try to save its show!?  Seriously. So, let’s take action!

Past the picture of the cool banner are some specific steps.

Want to know how to work to save it? (Besides hiring awesome banner ads…)  Help improve its ratings – that’s what is really holding it back.  To improve the ratings follow these tips (especially if you are a Nielsen family).

1. Watch Live. (Seriously. This is THE NUMBER ONE WAY TO HELP.)

2. DVR and watch (with ads) within 24 hours. (psst. Don’t tell the network, but they can’t tell if anyone is in the room. If time is tight, let your cat watch it for you.)

3. Watch your DVR copy or stream from Syfy within 3 days.

4. Live Tweet, using ONLY TWO TAGS. Any more and it will dilute the impact of your tags.  Use #SaveTheExpanse” in particular.

5. Sign the petition.

These are critical items. For all things The Expanse, pay attention to the following Twitter accounts: @casanvar, @TheExpanseWR, @JamesSACorey, @AbrahamHanover, @WesChatham, @Mi55Tipper, @ExpanseVFX, and @ExpanseSyfy.