Petition: Deception [Renew Campaign]

Deception got cancelled earlier by ABC, and while the show is a very problem & solving series (procedural), it had the element of Magic which made up for it. Who doesn’t like a magic show right?


  • Use #SaveDeception when tweeting. 
  • Email/tweet other networks + abc, so that it can be either renewed or picked up. 
  • Get publicity! Tweet about Deception to news-sites, like Deadline and TV Line. 
  • Share the petition, and sign the petition. 


On March 11th, the show Deception premiered on ABC.

It’s a show that’s been received very well by those who’ve seen it – but sadly, that’s not as many as we would’ve liked. The numbers aren’t high enough and Deception is predicted to get canceled.

But we can’t have that, can we? We fans have become a family – we Deceptioners, Deceptors, whatever you want to call us. So now we have to try to get ABC to listen. Here’s how.

  • Use #RenewDeception and tag @ABCNetwork whenever you tweet about the show.
  • Watch the remaining episodes live if you can! You can also stream them on ABC’s website.
  • Sign this petition and share it, wherever you can. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You name it. Let’s get ABC to #RenewDeception.

Instagram: deception.daily | Twitter: deceptiondaily

Sign the petition by clicking on the picture or click here.

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