The Resident (S01E14) “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

What a finale it was! Big SPOILERS ahead!

We open up on Lane and Bell together (blech). There is something about evil and evil that just doesn’t quite mix. He isn’t as evil as her though. Last week, Nic was sent to prison because the nurse Ali set her up. Conrad tries to find her but the security guard won’t help him because she doesn’t care.  He finally finds her and tells her that he will get her bail money.  We all know where he’s getting that kind of money from, his dad. It also turns out that Mina is sleeping with a heart patient named Micah.  After sleeping together, Micah goes into cardiac arrest. When he gets to the hospital, Conrad realizes Mina is visibly upset about Micah and tries to get her to open up about it.

Conrad’s dad pays for Nic’s bail but she isn’t let go yet. This woman Olivia, who has hypochondria comes in to talk to Devon. He tells her for the thousandth time that she doesn’t have a disease. She then reveals to him that Lane Hunter diagnosed her with lymphoma and she went for her first round of chemo (GASP)! Nic helps a sick security guard at the prison and then is let go on bail. When she gets out, Conrad and Devon tell her about Olivia.

They double check Olivia’s charts and they tell Dr. Bell that Lane has been diagnosing and treating patients that don’t really have cancer. He says they are crazy, but soon realizes himself what Lane has been doing. Devon, Nic, and Conrad call the FBI and Bell warns Lane. She denies everything to him and he says he believes her. Bell says he wants to do Micah’s surgery but then says he’s too busy for it. This forces Mina to ask pretentious Dr. Austin. He beats around the bush, but ultimately accepts her invitation.

Dr. Austin and Mina do the surgery on Micah. He tells her to do cardiac massage and his heart loses rhythm. He almost dies in the process but Dr. Austin brings him back. He tells Mina that he will be okay “if he ever wakes up”. Then he put his hand over her hand. It’s hard to interpret this because I don’t want to believe that he almost killed this guy just to get to Mina. Lane goes to her clinic and picks out a whole bunch of folders to hide. It’s kind of sick that she knew exactly which ones to pick out. While she is leaving the FBI arrest her and who is standing right there, Dr. Bell. Who would have thought he would be the least evil one?? He tells the press that he had no idea and that he was the one that called the FBI. Then in a meeting, one of the bosses tell Dr. Bell that there is a new Chairman Of The Board and guess who it is? That’s right, Conrad’s father.

This has been renewed so I can’t wait to see what happens next season. Will Dr. Austin be the evil one now? How will Conrad’s father being in charge impact the hospital? Will he make decisions regarding Conrad being a doctor?