Colony (S03E03) “Mixed Signals”

This episode we learn more about the mysterious new woman Dispatch, who showed up at the end of the last episode under questionable circumstances at best.  We get to see her before the Rendition, being an actual Doctor (which, by the way, didn’t she say they had her further from being a doctor as possible?)  That was my first red flag.

We switch gears and catch up with the Bowmans and Uncle Alan at the Resistance Camp and meet the leader, Commander MacGregor (Played by Graham McTavish, Preacher, The Hobbit, Outlander).  He seems amiable, but distrusting, and you’re never quite sure if you should trust him or not.  Even when he smiles, it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.  Uncle Alan (Peter Jacobson) was watching him like a hawk the whole time the commander was speaking, and you could tell right away he didn’t trust him.   MacGregor wants Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) to write down everything she learned while in the L.A. Resistance, and when she asked him to see the “Click” What we called the RAPS, he said “Absolutely.  When you’ve proven yourself.”  Which is obviously a red flag to the Bowmans’, but smart on his part.  There’s a reason his camp hasn’t been detected since the beginning of the war.

Katie’s excited at the prospect of the camp, but Will (Josh Holloway) isn’t.  She thinks this could be a chance to be part of something extraordinary, to learn why the RAPS came here, what they want, to be halfway normal.  Will’s worried about the political aspect of the camp.  They get their job details, and an armed escort whenever they leave their huts.  Maybe Will was right to be cautious about trusting these people.  Snyder and Bram are sent to a woodworking area where Bram gets assigned crates and Snyder gets assigned stencils.  These aren’t just any stencils.  They’re making crates marked with the RAPS insignia.  For what purpose, one has to wonder?  What exactly is going on at this camp?  Snyder and Will talk about what to do if Snyder gets recognized, and Snyder begs him to leave.  Will says he can’t, not yet, not after dragging the kids over scorched earth.  Snyder warns him that MacGregor is out for glory, and to watch their backs, especially Katie’s, because her fame from her Resistance days makes her a big threat to MacGregor.

While all this is going on, Dispatch (Amy) and Broussard are making their way to Seattle when they come across a group of survivors that have an 18 wheeler.  Their son is hurt, and they need to scavenge a nearby medical warehouse for medicine for the man’s wife.  They agree to give Amy and Broussard a lift if they help them get supplies.  Broussard doesn’t like the plan, and says it doesn’t look good.  However, Amy reminds him of what they stand to gain is greater than what they could loose if they pass on this op.  Broussard reluctantly agrees, and they carry out the plan.

Things go wrong almost immediately, and Broussard tries to call it off, but Amy says the place is a gold mine.  And it is.  It’s filled to the brim with medical supplies, medicine, and other necessities.  The problem is, drones detect them almost immediately and they hear the 18 wheeler tearing in, honking its horn wildly, which wasn’t the plan.  They get destroyed, and when the husband and others try to save them, they get decimated by the drones as well.  With everyone seemingly dead, the drones move on.  Amy stayed in the pharmacy gathering supplies while all the carnage was carrying on around her.  She kept gathering supplies, and they headed on their way.  What they found, was terrifying and Broussard said they had to go.

Meanwhile, the most shocking event of the show so far happened at the camp.  Katie, Will, MacGregor, and Vincent were able to use the gauntlet to talk with the RAP (which was a machine, not organic like what Will and Katie saw at the end of the first episode.)  At first, it sounded like giberish, but was able to pick up enough English to communicate with the group.  When asked why they came to Earth, it said, “War.”  We find out that they are indeed on the run from something more terrifying and deadly than themselves.  They considered the humans resources, but are also the only line of defense for the humans should their enemy try to hit Earth.  Talk about being screwed.

This was a very interested episode and we learned a lot about the RAPS and space politics, as well as the camp politics.  What did you guys think was the most important takeaway?  For me, it was learning that their are definitely two different alien species at war with each other, and that an even worse war is coming this way.  What in the hell do our heroes do next?  What would you do?  Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or just another enemy?  Stay tuned to next week’s episode to find out!