Empire (S04E17) “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns”

Tonight,  The Lyon’s go all out to stop Eddie. Good Luck with that:  

Tiana is singing for the board #corny. They vote Eddie back in. #judas. He’s going to advice the board to sell to Kelly Patel. They dont know it yet.  They’re in his pocket. They don’t know that yet, either.  

 Never tbe less, congratulations. Lucious claps slowly. Cookie walks out

Cookie purposes to go private. ..again. They need 100’s of Millions of Dollars. They will have to Liquidate  everythIng and still won’t have enough. How to?  Lucious has a flashback. “The Good,Ol’days” and their come up. He agrees. They must buy back.  Right here I recall the push to go Public and all of the unscrupulous deeds. Lucious did fo make it happen. I kinda recall someone warning him, not to. ‘Think it was…Andre. 🤔

Jamal jams with The Collective, known as  “Anonymous” They’e good.”Emotions” 🎤🎶 is fhe joint. It’s number 1.  Their focus is the music. It shows

 Haven is in bed with Jamal, sweating and doing the nasty. He looks happy for a change. Tiana is still his ringtone, though. #delete

Eddie anticipates Lucious’ every move & blocks him from asking the Big Ballers  for a loan. They should know, he’s pathetic & a loser. They threaten each other. Anika holds Eddie’s hand & walks away.  Last year Angelo, this year Eddie.  She’s easy to say the least.  #boobookitty

It’s a phone -a- thon @  The Lyons. Cookie & Lucious are  calling. So far I hear “Michelle” & Oprah. “Okay they’re in”  It seems The Obamas and Oprah would distant themselves from the alleged and the questionable; yet a friend is a friend, regardless. Right? 

They’re looking solid with the numbers, but the stocks keep raising!  Patel is buying @ a premium. So Andre agrees to turn coat to get in. With his history,  he sells it.  Or does he? Anika ain’t buying it. He’s walkin a tight rope. Patel’s tap out is 65M. They need 70. They decide to throw a rent party! Uh?  Livestream 

Celeste doesn’t trust Andre. ..or Anika.  He’s a Lyon and she has fake boobs.  Eddie doesn’t think so. Uh? He assures her, no worries, he has an Ace, they always do. She laughs in agreement. She doesn’t  know he’s doing Anika apparently.  But she follows his lead. 

Blake and his father fight on a Maury type Show… or Springfield. He ain’t a racist.  His dad used him; then & now. Lucious likes it and  wants him back…along with  JaMal’s Collective. He says, “no” He just wants to make music…”so no!”

Durng the LiveStream: Hakeem is on stage with Blake. #bros  All is forgiven.  Tiana sneaks in. Hakeem calls his bae up, Haven. They kiss and sing “Big Shoes ”  It’s nice. Tiana picks up her face and leaves #embarrassed #snap. 

Eddie busts Andre.  He planted the numbers His ceiling is 70M  Patel offers him board Chief in Palo Alto, if he’ll shut it down. Andre is a wild card. He kills the Server. They’re locked out of Extreme.  

But, The Brain Baby. Andre comes through. In 15 minutes its up again….going straight to the internet. No paywall, Donations  from the common community. Magic Johnson & Eve! 🐾 even!  And Jamal comes through with…They hit 75M and are over their needs.

Desperate, Eddie plays his Ace. He “dont get played!”  #pissedoff  Patel threatens to withdraw. He’s got 24 hours. “Give me my company, Eddie”  (Stewie Griffin voice)

Haven’s  got a boyfriend, what?! She going back to LA. When Hakeem is  ready to get serious, look her up. Jump Hakeem!  Jump!

Cooucious go home and celebrate (too soon) They have a nice private celebration and then looks like coitus #sex 

During breakfast the next day, The Barkers arrive;  a courtesy call. Eddie offers  one last… He has the ascot Lucious left on Shine. So Leave!  Even I knew that was a bad move, when he left it!  It was so,,, “Kelly was here” 😕

The Finale airs, next Wednesday @ 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Tune in to see how Lucious gets rid of Eddie. I ain’t saying, he should kill him…but I understand😉

A 5 Note episode 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

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