NCISNOLA (S04E22) “Checkmate” pt 2

20180516 193135 300x189 - NCISNOLA (S04E22) "Checkmate" pt 2Estes is dead. #car bomb Burris was found dead in his cell. He hung himself. #nope  

Amelia is on a lot off loading plants at the Carlo salvage yard. She shoots the driver,  point blank.  His name was John Fitzpatrick.  #RIP  Sydney is hiding in a junk  car, taking pics.


Sydney continues to tail Amelia., although she is ordered to stop. She’s a civilian. She turns off her phone.

Sydney follows her to some type of wearhous As Amelia is burning the hard drives they  fight & fall out of a window. They both “brought it”, I  must say!  Sydney is Green  Beret and Ameila is a Bat outta Hell!  Gregorio finds them. But the data is destroyed. She calls Sebastian, anway.  Concussion, bruises, broken ribs for Sydney.  Amelia is hospitalized and in an induced coma. Ouch!🤕 Gregorio finds  them, post battle. The data is destroyed, she calls Sebastian anyway

Meantime. Pride tries to convince. Mayor Taylor of fhe danger. She doesn’t believe him. He’s asked to leave…and threatened.

Patten (where did Elvis go?) finally decrypted the flash drive and it’s Fleet Week for  the Tricentennial Celebration. All Navy from everywhere are on the hit list. #International.  And Pride is set to take the fall. #fakenews Then Barlow will save the day. A career move. He wants to be the hero…then Governor…then POTUS! 

Back af NCIS, Lasalle’s family bizness is being audited by the IRS  in another chip away at the team. He’s taken to Sweet Home  Alabama and ordered to sit down in front of a whole lotta papers from the past 5 years! Gregorio is in charge. 

Crane is back with Barlow news & his manipulations since  the womb. #sociopath.  

And I knew Gossett was a bad guy! He killed his friend 😭  He pulls a gun on Pride, accompanied by Lonzo.  He’s going kill Pride. after Pride  releases a  rocket  into The Tricenntial crowd.  Gossett is doing for The Big Easy. He believes in Barlow and his type of Guv’ment. He drank the Kool Aid 

The set up is nearly complete. Isler is a dry drunk?  Honorable mention. Gosset’s going to replace Taylor which means she’s dead woman walking. The plan of Tricennial is a decoy to kill Taylor…again

Loretta and Taylor are in a limo, intentionally stalled, by the  #famenews The minion Lonzo takes aim at the limo..  Pride is knee deep and held at gunpoint, attacks Gossett anyway. They struggle. Meanwhile, Gregorio figures it out and warns tbe limo. Lonzo fires the rocket. #bazooka 

Of course. The Coast Guard arrives and saves what’s left of the day Oh Gossett is killed. 

Back in the building that’s like Fort Knox, Sydney corners Barlow and shows him the expose establisbed by Crane. She leaves him a loaded gun. Gunshot.  Too simple wasnt it? It’s over

Pride is free and celebrating. He goes upstairs to freshen up; change his clothes. It’s been a very long dag! He’s happy.

Then,  “Knock knock” He goes towards the door. “Bang” then “bang, bang, bang” All upper torso. He goes down. Amelia smiles and walks away. Wow!  The End!

NCIS N’Awlins returns in the fall for season 5 on CBS  

4 trumpets 🎷🎷🎷🎷 BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM