#NCISNOLA (S03E21) “Checkmate” pt 1

Its  NCIS N’Awlins season 4  finale, in 2 episodes.

Jazz is playing.  It’s “da’club” and Pride comes in, rushed and sweaty looking.   He approaches a man at the bar. He wants a favor. Pride  needs a lawyer in  about 50 seconds. He’s hiring  Elliot Newman  (John Cothran, jr) the man at the bar.

Although he’s a drunk; Pride needs him to quickly dry out. Pride’s turned in his shield and he’s hiring him to keep from being indicted. Newman is shaking and reaches for the glass of whiskey, in shades of “The Verdict” RIP #paulnewman The Feds come in and yes, Pride’s  arrested


 Newman is now in a suit in the courthouse, failed to avoid the indictment. Eric Barlow  (Doug Savant) Asst Atty Genl is offering a deal. Retire! Keep your pension, but leave NCIS. “NO!” Loretta bails him out. 10% of 100k. Doable.  

The team is ordered to stand down, by Pride.  They dont.They want Max  Burris ( Donny Boaz) to flip on AAG. So Gregorio (Percy is gone remember) and Lasalle  follow him. A good thing too, cause 2 cyclist were planning a hit. They stop it, by ramming their car into the back of the car Burris is driving, then shoot’em up!  One down & one got away.  

But Burris still won’t talk, though they’re  tryna  kill him. He didn’t kill Amanda (from the last episode # 22) Carl Estes (Matt Servitto) shows up . He takes Burris in for protection.  #safehouse  

Burris does give them a name, Amelia Parson. (Ellen Hollman) She is the go between and pace setter for Barlow. Everything  goes fhrough her…EVERYTHING! Patton tries to crack her system. The firewall is like Fort Knox ! 

Barlow is actually from the family, Dumet.  He’s a criminal’s  son, who used to run with Cassius,  Pride’s daddy.  He’s returning home to take over.

Barlow was involved in Clearwater also. One of fhe D.C guys who wanted to make it happen. Right here I can see the depth of Clearwater & how  it can thread through for yet another season, even. They haven’t reached the top…yet! Like a Soap!”Days in The Big Easy”

 ELVIS !!! ( Tom Arnold)  😁  He’s back and a part of Pride’s ” new crew” in lieu of his team. Sydney & Oscar Crane… & Loretta are the other members. The real Mötley Crew. 👊 

Sebastian is assigned to watch Pride, tail him and report back.  They all decide to work together or arrest Pride! He agrees. Stay outta jail card

First thing: Get into Amelia’s office to access her server…in 2 minutes!. It’s tight….and they’re sloppy. Remember. It’s like Fort Knox

Barlow figures out “something’s up” and the alarms go off.  ‘Edge of my seat & Elvis is winded! Newman is scared…there are cameras. Be a lawyer Newman! He needs a drink!🍺😁 And the FBI is on their way to  arrest Pride.

Amelia comes to NCIS with the arresting officers. However, in the nick of time, Patton scrambles and erases the surveillance tapes, plus the  warrant’s not signed. “L” on the forehead. They live to fight another day.

Elvis works frantically to break the encrption on the flashdrive. With the loss of this vital info, Barlow wants to start eliminating. Amelia smiles.

Elvis gets what amounts to a hit list, from the flashdrive. It’s incomplete. but Estes is on it. Today’s date is under his name. He’s killed. Car bomb 😔😕 Never saw that coming!  ##RIP Estes.

Lou Diamind Phillips, shows up as Deputy Chief Gossett. He’ll tell thd family. 


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