New Girl (S07E08) “Engram Pattersky”

“New Girl: La grande finale”

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I definately had a lot of emotions going into this final episode of New Girl… Having watched this show for years now, I was more than a little excited for the announcement of a final season to tie up loose ends, but time flies by soo quickly and before I knew it, the finale-day was here. 

This show has for me, always been a show to laugh and cry with, but I was also glad that the show was coming to an end, giving the actors the chance to do other things.

After having watched the 7th episode, titled “The curse of the pirate bride”, I was wondering what the plan was for the finale, seeing as in those final moments, everyone came together for Jess’s and Nick’s wedding…

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Jess’s and Nick’s kiss. Photo:  Fox Broadcasting Co.

Spoilers for New Girl S07E08 “Engram Pattersky” beyond this point!

The summary read: The gang takes a tour down memory lane, which includes a final round of “True American”.

This already made me VERY excited! The ‘True American’-game has to be my favourite running gag of the show, so to bring this back to the finale, was all kinds of rewarding!

“You’re getting divorced, well that lasted a month”

When Winston said those words, I swear to god, I was about to have a heart attack! The lead up to Jess and Nick getting married, only to have it destroyed in the last season… However, the truth might be just as heartbreaking. They are moving out of the loft!

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Appartment 4D has been a big part of New Girl. Although it did change tenants from time to time (see Coach, Reagan, etc.). It was where the show began and where we got to know everyone… (the malfunctioning elevator could never stop me from moving in)


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Jessica continues to show more sadness and emotion about them leaving the loft than the rest does. However, Nick convinces them to play along so they can finally start packing their stuff and getting ready to move out (something they of course left until the last day to do)

A walk down memory lane

I loved how in this episode, they brought so many jokes and gags back from previous seasons, it really was a great way to end the show. I an attempt from Jess to make the others remember what the loft meant to them, she showed them a walk down memory lane. With all sorts of objects that we as a viewer have seen in the episodes as well. Schmidt’s penis-cast and the stick Nick used to semi-fix the garbage disposal are just a few examples.

The group hesitantly go along with Jess’s plan. The next part of the episode contains the group doing strange activities. All of them are hoping that Jess will finally get over it.

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It doesn’t take long for Jess to figure out that they have been faking it the entire time. She is upset, gives an emotional speech about how “this is the place where she met all of them”, which results in the group feeling bad. In the end, they convince Jess to continue reviving their memories and Jess answers by singing a happy song…

Though, I love this show, I feel like this routine has been repeated too many times before… However, since it’s the final episode, I made my peace with it.


In the meantime, Nick and Schmidt end up in an argument about a box of foot lotion. As it turns out, Schmidt has been giving Nick a tube of the lotion every time on his birthday. But apparently, Nick has never used the lotion, or any other kind of lotion, in his life. Schmidt is mad because of this, because now he is convinced that heir whole friendship is a lie.

I liked that they brougt back the college-Schmidt and Nick characters for the last time, it really shows how far they have both come.

Of course, it doesn’t take too long for them to make up. As it turns out, Nick loves the lotion. He even gives a speech about how it could be used for dry skin on all body parts. – You are definately late to the party, Nick…

The final game of ‘true american’

The episode continues with some funny, some strange memories of their time in the loft. But because they still have to pack, Jess comes up with the final game of ‘True American’ while they pack their stuff at the same time.

This results in some fun shots of that game that no one understands. It takes a twist when we unexpectely flash forward a few years. The group is in the middle of a game of ‘True American’ yet again, but this time they are surrounded with offspring. We see Jess and Nick with a son, Winston and Aly with a whole batch of kids (I counted 5) and Schmidt and Cece with a son as well. They replaced the alcohol with root beer and the vibe surrounding the scene could almost be described as too perfect.

It was a lovely flash forward, giving us a small look into the future, but they do swich back to the present. We see them standing in the now empty appartment, definately emotional by the goodbye.


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He definately got me… It was all part of Winston’s prank!

As it turns out, Winston rounded up the help of several old friends and foes to help him create the perfect, final prank: The fake eviction notice. We see some final looks at characters like Fawn Moscato and Dr. Foster, while Winston explains.

“Too big man, way too big” Schmidt says, as they all drive off into the distance. It maybe was, in fact, time to move on…

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Final thoughts

This really was a great final episode! I wasn’t sure what to expect, since they tied up all loose ends in the previous one. If Jess and Nick would be getting married in the final episode, it kind of takes away from the story and the roots of the show. So I was really glad they did this! After all, this isn’t as much a story about romance, as it is a story about friendship.

Score: 9/10


In honour of the show ending, the producers, writers and cast made a Farewell Featurette, you can watch it below!


Stray notes

  • “Look I love my wife, you guys know I love my wife” – This is the first time we hear Nick call Jess his wife! This just gives me all kinds of emotions
  • Can you actually tear your anus? – I looked it up and yes… yes you can
  • Cece’s baby voice really was scary as hell


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