Riverdale (S02E22) “Brave New World”


With this episode we mark the end of season two of Riverdale. And what a mind blowing finale this was despite my earlier reservations on the finale this was slightly above my expectations. Though we still have some unanswered questions which hopefully might be answered in the next season. This episode closed the chapter to the Black Hood once and for all.

With the ending to the last episode this episodes picks up with Jughead (Cole Sprouse) hospitalized after the brutal beating he received. Other than a few bruises we’re all lad to see Jug pull through as his character is pivotal to the story especially now. Through FP (Skeet Ulrich) we learn of how the ghoulies vandalized South Side high leading to majority serpents leaving town. I’m glad to see that some serpents still remained to keep their light alive. Since with the ghoulies in town Riverdale needs people willing to stand up to them.

In this episode we really start to see Sierra (Robin Givens) play her role as a lawyer and like I’ve said before we need to see more of it. Her role in this episode was important as through her help Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) emancipates herself from her toxic mother. We also see her help Fred with his campaign which makes me glad to see the writers giving her role screen time.

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The mother daughter duo is still strange since as much as it seems they are toxic for each other, there are some scenes whereby we see Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) care for her daughter. This really raises the question if she is really the monster she is portrayed out to be. Or if there’s depth to her character that the writer are building up to. The next season might shed some light on her character.

As for Hiram (Mark Consuelos) we see how far he is willing to go to ensure his success. After everything that has happened I must say I am intrigued by his character. His character has grown on me with his plotting and manipulative skills. After all a smart antagonist makes everything much better because they provide amazing story lines. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how he progresses in season two. Seeing veronica (Camilla Mendes) manipulate her father in this episode and end up sacrificing everything to help her friends has made me question my earlier dislike for her character.

The cooper’s seem to be really suffering the most out of everyone. Seeing Alice (Maadchen Amick) so broken in this episode breaks my heart. After everything she’s been through she deserves happiness. I can’t help wonder if Polly is up to something since her behavior in this episode was suspicious. Her suggestion to call the guy who helped her makes you wonder if she’s involved in a cult. It also makes you question what are her real motives in all of this. Season three will definitely have a strong story since this episode has provided the foundation to various amazing plots.

Archie’s actions in this episode seem to have redeemed him after everything he has done. But after everything he has done intentionally and otherwise he still has a long way to go. As for the scene where he stood up against Hiram as much as it was thrilling to watch it was also stupid for his character to challenge him so openly. You’d think by now he would have learned how Hiram operates. Archie still has a lot to learn especially on how to act smart and avoid compulsive behavior.

One of the best scenes in this episode was Cheryl joining the serpents officially and her jacket stands out just like her. I hope the serpents become the family she’s always wished to have. She deserves to have people who stand up for her and the serpents definitely will. As for her initiation I must say I disagree with Toni as the red jacket looks better on her than the black one.

cheryl - Riverdale (S02E22) "Brave New World"

Another great scene was seeing the north siders unite with the serpents to prevent them from being kicked out of North side High. Although I wanted them to unite under different circumstances, this was way better. Plus seeing the efforts Archie and his father put to helping the serpents may mean that for now the beef between north and south siders has been put aside. We’ll see if season three provides us with more scenes between them as a united front.

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Jughead taking the control for all serpents seems a bit much for a seventeen year old but we’ll see how he handles things next season. As for learning about Fangs pulling through I’m glad to know we’ll see more of his character next season. I’m really hoping we get a back story of some of the serpents to understand them better. I also hope we get to see more of Sweet Pea and Fangs as a duo next season.

With Hermione winning the elections and seeing the control Hiram has over Riverdale it makes me so excited to see what the writers have in store for us with his character. His new alliance seem odd but at the same time strategic so  one can only wonder what this alliance means. And what plans they have in store for the town. Although season two has had a fantastic end I can’t help notice a pattern with the writers. It seems the writers enjoy making the fathers come out as villains which is getting repetitive. I just hope they don’t make the remaining dads evil in the next season.

Lastly I really liked how this episode focused on some of the ships. They really highlighted the strengths of the ships without taking away from the story. Moose and Kevin fans have finally gotten a scene with their ship with a very hot make out scene. We’ll see what season three has in store for these two. As for the Choni, Varchie and Bughead shippers this episode had a lot of beautiful scenes with their ships.