Star (S02E17) “Mrs Rivera”

20180516 193218 280x300 - Star (S02E17) "Mrs Rivera"By the end of the show, Mrs Rivera, contemplates leaving for fear of  deportation of Mr Rivera 😍

But before then, Alex is talking to the paparazzi without Take3. Simone is just chilling. Noah and Carlotta are meeting with some backers with Ayanna at the helm.  They’re skeptical. yet trust Noah gas his self together. They’ll know at the Album release party., later tonight.  Noah looks nervous and shaky; like he needs a drink. 

Jahil is knocking on Angel’s door. He offers to tear up the contract. Angel thinks  he’s being deported and doesn’t  care. Somehow he’s blaming his uncle. Yes, he’s still his uncle. Thicker than mud! And so  Jahil leaves it at the RV’s door He walks away.

The girls argue. Simone quits, sick of them.  Carlotta visits Cotton…and Jayden, while the girls work it out. They don’t. 

Star storms into Reese’s office. He convinces her to work out her frustration on a track.

Cassie’s blowing up Andy’s phone.  Jahil sees this and warns Andy, he’s “dancing with The Devil.” 😈#Cassie  He then gives Andy his  contract.  A SUV drives by…shooting. Jahil is hit..saving Andy.  Carlotta runs to him, yelling call 911! Andy looks shocked, can’t move!  Yeah…He knows! #cassie #driveby

But then Jahil ‘nd Carlotta are kissing. Miracle, it’s only a scratch They talk about the old days & then they’re  naked…and sweating. #coitus.

They talk in bed. He still has the rings. What?!  OMG; Theyre married?! #Mrs Rivera 😁 I thought it was Simone. Got me! Never saw that coming!

Simone is in love with Angel. She wants to run. No mo’music. #Bonnieandclyde  Mr & Mrs Rivera. 😍 #myship 

Cassie charms Derek. She’s down with “helping the neighborhood”  He accepts  her willingness. #Naive. Expect a great influx of drugs and other destruction

Noah has an album release party.  He’ s stuttering. He’s not doing well. Alex mingles with everybody , but him. He doesn’t like it. ‘Bet he has a drink somewhere. He’s a lot more of a tortured soul than realized.

 Star does a Diss track .🔥  Just to let off steam… then tells Reese to drop it., with his not so subtle aggression to do so. #snake  It’s  “There for you… Bitches”  #freestyle she got bars! #spit. Drop the mic. 🎤

 Jahil takes Carlotta to the studio…remixes an old track, their first. They dance. Its a dream. 😭  Back to reality. Jahil is dying. Cotton prays.🙇‍♀️   Simone AND Andy call Angel; begs…he won’t come, doesn’t believe it .

Carlotta is at his bedside. Jahil  declares his love. “It’s always been you”  …then flatlines. He’s dead.  Carlotta cries. Andy hangs his head. He knows.  Angel comes. ..Simone hugs him. Incredibly sad

However, life will find a way. Jahil’s  kidney is a match for Jayden…perfectly.  He kept his word. Telling, Jayden ” I won’t let you die”   Brody, now Jahil. 😕 #sigh  #violent #waste #RIP & Paradise

Derek speaks to Alex. #truce He looks hella’fine 😍 “Call me, as need be”  #myship

Ayanna has a (+) plus on a pee stick. #pregnancy  “Who’s the daddy!”

At the funeral. It’s really sad. Carlotta’s “Ride or Die” is gone.  Angel cannot talk and attempts to sing, he chokes. They  all join in… “Soon & Very Soon” #Hallelujah

Cassie is there for Carlotta. Really?! She killed him, although he wasn’t the target …this time.  I hope Carlotta finds out. Brandy is very good in this role. I’ll miss her, when she’s killed. ☺

 Cassie wants her money, threatens Andy…or he’s “going to see the king, soon and very soon!”  She gives him a bullet and “mwah” misses him. #gangstagal

Maurice drops the track, thou Star asks him not to.  Did she really expect him to honor her wishes?!

And Angel is detained by ICE as he’s carrying Jahil’s casket! Simone screams.  

⭐⭐🌟🌟⭐5  stars 👊

The Season Finale airs next Wednesday, May 23rd @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time 

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