The 100 (S05E04) “Pandora’s Box”

Finally all the worlds meet!
This episode has a little bit of everything.
For starters Bellamy was able to make a deal with Diyoza an her people, thanks to Raven and Murphy who are still in space controlling the sleeping army. Once again our characters are faced with the hard decision of kill or be killed.
A few reunions, Bell and Clarke finally meet each other again, I love the friendship and comrade those two have and I cant wait for Clarke and Raven meet again as well, they just had a short conversation through the radios. The gang is getting back together!

t1002 - The 100 (S05E04) "Pandora's Box"

After opening the bunker with the help of Diyoza and her people (this was part of the deal, they don’t do anything just out of kindness) That’s how one of the most expected reunions happens when The Blake siblings meet again. Oh how I missed those two. Imagine Bell’s surprise when he sees the battle pit and all the people following her sister. Mmm what happened O?

t1001 - The 100 (S05E04) "Pandora's Box"
Mother and daughter, Clarke and Abby reunite as well. For a personal opinion I think this scene was actually pretty short and lacking of emotion. I mean you just found out that your only relative is alive after thinking for 6 years that they died, not complaining about their acting, don’t get me wrong, but I think they needed a little more time of hugging and talking, but this is the 100 there’s not too much time to talk when there’s always someone out there trying to kill you.

t1005 - The 100 (S05E04) "Pandora's Box"

Before they were rescued, Kane was fighting for his live in the pit, as you may remember they left that scene hanging in episode 2. We later discovered the reason as to why he ended up there. He committed the crime of stealing meds, well he actually covered Abby who is having an addiction problem. He tried to convince Octavia to stop this madness “Strength without Mercy is nothing” he said. But Octavia is very determined. Thank God they were rescued, because Kane refused to keep fighting.
When Octavia mentions she doesn’t trust this people we have to agree with her, but Bellamy reassures her that he knows what he is doing (as always). For her part, Charmaine had her plans on her own, of course, it seems that they need a doctor to find a cure, and who is a Doctor? Abby. So yeah, they are only helping to get their hands on her.

t1003 - The 100 (S05E04) "Pandora's Box"

That’s how Shaw is met with the amazing and intelligent Raven, who blocks all his attempts to hacking over and over.
Murphy being Murphy, gets a little jittery about this whole deal and tries to pressure Raven to just get over it and kill the army. She says she has everything under control, John notices that maybe she just doesn’t want to carry the burden of killing so many on her shoulders, so he offers to pull the plug if necessary. I just love Murphy, yes, he is not the most positive character out there, but he is the realistic one who always offers the most obvious statements. Sadly, Shaw finds a way to get the upper hand against them, resulting in Diyoza and her people betraying the arrangement and taking Abby by force.
Now the sleeping army is awaking and the bad guys took Abby and Kane with them.
The war has come and we are pretty excited to see how this new dynamics develop.
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