Gotham (S04E22) “A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land”

I’m not even sure where to start on last night’s season finale of Gotham. It was better than I could have hoped for! It has perfectly set us up for a final 13 episodes in season 5. All our villains came out to play in the best ways, with some truly shocking moments.

***spoilers ahead***

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Jeremiah threatens Tabitha credit @gotham

The setup

We pick up directly after last week. Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan) is in jail, smug as can be after shooting Selina (Camren Bicondova). Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is with Butch (Drew Powell), having hired Dr. Strange (B. D. Wong) to “fix” Butch. Bruce (David Mazouz) is in the hospital with Selina, praying desperately that she recovers from being shot. Lucius (Chris Chalk) has rounded up all of Jeremiah’s bombs, or so we think.


Jeremiah is always one step ahead, we don’t seem to have truly learned that yet. Having help from Ra’s (Alexander Siddig) helps tonight, of course. Ra’s sets off a single bomb, destroying city hall and with it, the Mayor and Police Chief. How they were still alive at this point I honestly don’t know. Hadn’t Jeremiah effectively killed all the leadership off?

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City Hall is no more

Nothing can ever be simple about saving the city, and this time the wrench in the works is the actual government. Somehow, despite letting Gotham burn for 4 seasons, now the military has been sent in to restore order. The Major in charge of this effort is the worst. I mean literally the worst. The first thing he does is arrest Jim. Seriously.

vlcsnap 2018 05 18 09h10m25s548 300x169 - Gotham (S04E22) "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land"
The Worst.

He then brings in Bruce to confront Jeremiah. Which he has to do by…placing him under arrest! Dude. The worst. In the end, it’s all for naught. While this is all happening, Ra’s guys swoop in and steal all of Jeremiah’s confiscated bombs and place them on the bridges into Gotham. Ra’s and Jeremiah have decided to bring Gotham to its knees, to burn it all down for one singular purpose. So that their Dark Knight (Bruce) can rise from the ashes. What’s a good villain without the destined hero to fight them?

vlcsnap 2018 05 18 09h12m37s118 300x169 - Gotham (S04E22) "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land"
Burn it all

We get an epic team up at this point to try and fight Ra’s. Alfred (Sean Pertwee), Barbara (Erin Richards), Penguin and the women of the League of Assassins show up right before the bridges blow. I loved this scene, Barbara has really come into her own and is seriously tough as nails. And any scene where I get to see Pertwee kicking butt is a good one in my books. Barbara and Bruce together take down Ra’s, albeit a surprise to Bruce. Teamwork for the win! Sort of. They are able to take everyone down – but not before the explosions go off. And that spells the end of Gotham as we know it.

Where Gotham Stands

After the explosions, villains sweep in to grab their own sections of the city. With the power down citywide this is easy pickings. The city gets divided up into 7 parts we see.

  • Mister Freeze
  • Firefly
  • Penguin
  • Barbara and the female League (after killing all the men in short order)
  • Scarecrow
  • Some creepy doll faced boy and lady
  • The precinct

Lucius was able to salvage a single bomb from Jeremiah and reverts it back to it’s intended use. Through this the precinct becomes the only place in town with power – and light. It’s because of this we get the most EPIC shot in the series. Yes, the series. Our Bat, Jim Gordon and the proto-Bat signal. So cool.

vlcsnap 2018 05 18 09h16m25s297 300x169 - Gotham (S04E22) "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land"
Proto Bat Signal


A couple of twists you need to know.

  1. After Dr. Strange saves Butch we get a truly happy reunion between Butch and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas). Happy that is, until Penguin shoots Butch dead. He intends to torture Tabitha in every way he can in revenge for her murdering his mother. I literally GASPED at this. I couldn’t believe Butch had survived all this to get shot dead by his friend.
  2. After Riddler kidnaps Jim, Lee swooped in to save the day. This was the death knell for Riddler and Lee’s “relationship”. Never one to let things go – Riddler goes to confront Lee. Lee is prepared for this and BAM, stabs Riddler in the gut!! What does he do you ask? Stab her right back! Then WHAT you may wonder? THEY KISS. So weird.
  3. With Lee and Riddler having committed murder/murder what happens to them? Dr. Strange. He’s planning something creepy with their bodies, who knows?
  4. Selina is alive, but paralyzed from the waist down. This may seem familiar to those who read the Batman comics – The Killing Joke anyone?

All-in-all a perfect set up for a final season. We know that the 13-episode season 5 will deal with Bruce’s transformation into the Caped Crusader. And I for one, can not wait. Thanks for joining us for season 4, and we’ll see y’all next season!!