The Originals (S05E05) “Where You Left Your Heart”

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Tonight’s episode was written by Jeff Lieber and Bianca Sams. It was directed by Jeff Byrd and edited by Peter Lam. Last night’s episode we are tying more pieces to the larger puzzle together. We find out Greta is Slim Shady’s and REJ’s mother. Their father is August.

The List of Suspects:
Greta (Nadine Lewington) “Venom.” Who is in current day NOLA seeking revenge of her murdered family. I should say husband, August (Jaime Thomas King). Who’s a “Vampire Nazi” that both Klaus and Elijah knew back before WWII. He was looking to purify the vampire blood lines. Much like their mother Ester, he was overzealous. One can determine that Klaus was an ally to August, until he saw how out of control he’d gotten.
August (Jaime Thomas King) “Fearless Werewolf Killer until he met Klaus”. He was radical and over-the-top. Very much to the extremes. I am basing this off watching 1 episode. I got a really good read of his character. He is a vampire Nazi. (I will never get used to saying that.) He wants to ethnically cleanse the bloodline of all vampires by scourge and imperfections. This means no mixing of blood lines, Vampires and Werewolves. No hybrids. He will stop at nothing to do so. Until, Klaus decides to end him. (This is what we know up until this point.) Greta is out for revenge and with her children.
Antoinette (Jaime Murray) aka “Slim Shady”. (She is really of French origin? Or a game she plays to trap her prey? We also learn more she’s part German. Father, August, mother, Greta. She has Elijah under her siren call. Elijah has no concept or grasp of reality. What his real family means to him. Including Hayley and Hope. All the sacrifices he has made in the name of love and happiness. I have a feeling “Slim Shady” is dosing him with high levels of oxytocin. It’s working to her advantage of course.)
REJ. (Jedidiah Goodacre) (Roman Edward Jacob. Yes, The ‘Twilight’ guy. He is enticing Hope. It’s all a trap. He is Antoinette’s brother. Father is August. Mother is Greta. Working through the daughter to get to the father… Both the most powerful supernatural beings ever, I might add.)
Declan. (Torrance Coombs) (So, Original, named after Declan DeBarra, shout out to one of the coolest writers ever! Also, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Where is Hayley? Who has her? What have they done with her, huh, Declan.)
Colette. (Malone Thomas) (I’m suspicious of her as well. Nothing is what it seems anymore. This is the last season. Did they change things was she supposed to be Margot? They will go out guns blazing. Watch. She could be connected to this “End the Mikaelsons plan”. A relative of August, Greta, Antoinette, REJ, Declan, and the rest?)
Ivy. (Shiva Kalaiselvan) (This witch is nothing but trouble. Who is she anyway? How does Vincent know her? She came out of nowhere. Calling Hope, the death to New Orleans. Judging Klaus too? A witch powerful enough to break a powerful cloaking spell…)?
Vincent. (Yusuf Gatewood) (That’s right folks. I think Yusuf is phenomenal actor, but is he is spouting the same nonsense. “Your niece might be the devil in disguise.” to all people Freya. Vincent could also break a powerful cloaking spell, if he felt the witches were being threatened…)
Last night’s episode we tie more pieces of the “bigger picture” together. We learn that both Antoinette (aka “Slim Shady”) and Roman (aka “REJ”) are the off-spring of Greta (“Venom”) and August.

I wanted to provide you with an updated list. Every week, as we go on, I will update or take off. This episode we start off picking up from last week.

No Mercy.
Klaus (Joseph Morgan) busts into the place Greta (Nadine Lewington) been hiding out with her army of vampires.
“Rise and Shine Night-walker Nation!” – Klaus
“Whoever took this coin, and my daughter’s mother. Show their face!” – Klaus
Klaus knows Greta had something to do with Hayley’s (Phoebe J. Tonkin) disappearance. All the while, Greta is talking in German. Klaus doesn’t understand what she is saying. Greta is saying August’s name in German… (Such revengeful heart will only be your death, Greta.)
“Your lack of vision will be your downfall.” – Greta tells Klaus
Is she speaking of the infiltration into his family? The fact that she forced her children upon both Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) and Hope? (Danielle Rose Russell). The two closest people in his life. Does Greta really comprehend what she is doing? Klaus will go to war and kill everyone for them. She better be prepared.
“I’ll call it what it is. A dirtying of my species. Which diminishes the pure and dominate nature of vampires. Your daughter will purify herself. Submitting to the spell your mother Ester once used on you.” – Greta
Greta sounds like she belongs with her husband, in the Nazi Vampire Reich. They can only be pure and dominate? Greta, you better get with the times. Vampires, werewolves, witches have been co-mingling for centuries… Ominous warnings and threats. I guess Greta doesn’t know Klaus well at all. He doesn’t take to kindly to people threatening him.  She threatens Klaus by calling Hope an abomination. He better do something about Hope’s abominations, or it will be Hayley’s life.

I always feel like somebodies watching me. And I have no privacy.
We see our beloved Elijah, finally!
Elijah may have amnesia, but he is keenly astute.
“Want to talk to me about the guy with the camera? – Elijah
“He’s watched me before, to watch me, stalked me. Bring me back.” – (Antoinette aka “Slim Shady”)
“Problem solved. He’s dead.” – Elijah
“They’ll send a replacement.” – Slim Shady
“Who’s they?” – Elijah
Finally, we can start piecing the puzzle together. We know Antoinette (Jaime Murray) is not what she seems. Elijah knows they are being watched. Elijah also can tell that Slim is hiding something HUGE from him. Why isn’t she telling him though? I thought this relationship was all about openness, respect, love and all that jazz… (Yeah, right.) Slim Shady is like a Black Widow trapping Elijah in her web. Honestly, I wish we could fast forward a few episodes, and Elijah would have his memory back. He could deal with this woman already. Be gone. Reunite Elijah and Hayley. Oh, no! Elijah catches “Slim Shady” in a lie. (Que Surprise!) She wanted to tell him about her past, yada, yada, yada. We see a glimpse of our Elijah returning to us!
“You spent the past 7 years lying to me. Enjoy Shanghai.” – Elijah
August, Klaus and Elijah.
“I’m simply ridding us of the mongrels that diminish us.” – August
(Elijah grabs August by the throat and holds him high!) “This is the 1st and last warning, I will give you.” – Elijah
We then see Elijah with Antoinette in the 1940’s. (Germany?)
“Slim Shady” tells Elijah that she isn’t her father daughter. He can’t be reasoned with. We see off to the side a Nazi flag. (UGH!) Why, Elijah, why? He compelled someone at the ticket booth, to give her a ticket to Shanghai. (Therefore, this explains why she wanted to go to Shanghai. UGH, brain bleach.) She tries to make it a scene out of “Casablanca”. Elijah stares off in deep thought.
What I would love to know is how it is possible Elijah can remember Nazi, Germany and “Slim Shady” from the 1930’s? Yet, not remember Hayley Marshall, his “Twin Flame” and their undying love for one another? This is so contrived, forced and fake. Marcel telling Elijah about his real family should have triggered an emotion response. The Elijah we all know and love, would never be so emotionless. Unless, “Slim”, is really working a spell on him, which I have no doubt in my mind she is.

Love Bites.
Who knew vampires could pick locks? (Why would they have too?) REJ (Jedidiah Goodacre) came through Hope’s window. You tell me how bizarre this is, alright? “A Mikaelson. A daughter of an Original. Which is supposed to be impossible. Dad’s a vampire. Mom’s a werewolf. I’m interested in you because you’re most interesting.” (OMG! You are incredibly CREEPY, REJ!) Hope explains to REJ, that he should tell her something about himself. Or she is going to Alaric about him “Breaking and Entering.” (Finally wising up, girl.) “I once passed some people off and ended up desiccated in a cave.” – REJ. Hope asked him how it was like. He lost track of time. He lost track of everything. The first 17 years of his life. (That is weird, right?) Hope, how about you heighten your Spidey senses and kick him the hell out of there! It only gets more bizarre when later, Hope tells REJ, “She might never see him again. I might die today.” He answers “OK.” Now, I love you kid, but have you ever heard the song? “I Saw the Signs” from Ace of Base. I suggest you start listening to it. This guy is just not that into you!

Every bodies got a dark side: do you love me; do you love mine?
“Has your Mom ever talked to you about you’re Werewolf side? The breaking of all your bones? I don’t ever think she wanted that for you.” – Freya
Hope is severely conflicted. She feels responsible for putting her Mom in the situation she’s in right now. Rightfully, so. If she would have went to Aunt Freya (Riley Volekel) or anyone in her family for advice in the beginning. None of this would be happening right now. Her family would not be in danger. They would not be separated. I still hold the TpTb responsible for that ridiculous HOLLA storyline. The splitting up the Mikaelson family and the “Always and Forever” bond from S1E1. Which they promoted, and the fans welcomed with open arms. The whole separating the family and putting the HOLLA into each one of them was ludicrous. This leaves poor Hope going to extremes to get her mother, Hayley Mikaelson back. What would you do, if it was your mother? The same thing, and you know I’m right. When Hope decided to have a long talk with Auntie Freya about doing something. You just knew it was coming. A spell must be done. Freya is telling Hope all the repercussions, you could suffer, you could die. Freya starts doing the spell, “Don’t pass out, don’t stop breathing.” – Freya is telling Hope. Oh, my lawd. Freya must brand Hope’s feet and hands! This is truly barbaric. Out of nowhere, Klaus appears! “1,000 years of family, I expect betrayal.” Klaus tells Freya. He’s wishes he could do more to get Hope’s mother back. He looks at his daughter with sadness and bewilderment. You know this only ignites a fire to reunite their family even more.

Goodbye, day player.

“This certainly will help clear her system.” – Josh
It’s a wonder how Josh (Stephen Krueger) lasted all the way till the final season. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay being kind. You should have listened to Marcel. (Charles Michael Davis). You think being kind to Greta was going to get you information on Hayley? Um, no. Leave the torturing and interrogating to Klaus and Marcel. Josh gets bitten by Greta badly. Will he ultimately survive this? We still don’t know. I’ll tell you why. Once, Klaus finds out what he did. He won’t be as kind and he’ll finish the job.


We find a lot out in the end of this episode. REJ wants to take Hope to meet Mama. Hope don’t go! The very end we see a picture of guess who? Greta (“Venom”), Antoinette (“Slim Shady”) and you guessed it, Roman (“REJ”) they are all related. Greta watched Klaus murder her husband August back in 1933. Antoinette saw and so did Roman. You tell me this family, doesn’t want payback?

@gentlegillies Greta Slim Shady and REJ family potrait May 17 18 300x168 - The Originals (S05E05) “Where You Left Your Heart”

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The Originals (S05E05) “Where You Left Your Heart” Random Musings:

  • We get some mentions of Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Stefan (Paul Welsey). They had an affair in the 1930’s… I wonder if these two will pop up anytime soon?
  • Josh isn’t really dead yet. What will Klaus do when he finds out…

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