The Americans (S06E08) “The Summit”

The Jennings end the first scene on opposite sides once again. Philip(Matthew Rhys) comes clean about feeding information to Oleg (Costa Ronin), information on everything Elizabeth (Keri Russell) has been doing for the last two months. He doesn’t give Oleg’s name, just calls him “someone from home”. Elizabeth doesn’t want to hear any of the reasons that Philip has for doing such a thing. She only hears that he has been betraying her for months.

Elizabeth returns to the house of Erica (Miriam Shor) and Glenn (Scott Choen) Haskard and finds that Glenn has given his wife and overdose of morphine.  A botched attempted suicide, which leads a terminally ill Erica to suffer more. Elizabeth sends him out of the room so she can finish the job. She then uses one of Erica’s paint brushes (she is a painter) to block her airway. For once this was a mercy killing, someone who wanted to die. She was planning on bugging Glenn’s briefcase, but now says he will not be returning to work… this is a problem. Elizabeth still being the resourceful soldier, takes pictures of the documents currently in his briefcase while he is upstairs saying goodbye to his dead wife.

Elizabeth now uses Jackson Barber (Austin Abrams) as her back up plan. He has access to the offices in the State Department, so she sleeps with him, then asks him to take a box into one of the offices and leave it.  She claims that someone from her office will be by to pick the box up. Later she calls Jackson and tells him the meeting was canceled and she needs the box back. No problem right? Wrong… the kid actually looks in the box and finds the recording device, promptly freaking out. He threatens to call the police, no longer believing a word Elizabeth tells him. I thought this kid was dead before he could open the car door! Elizabeth gets this look of pain and confliction on her face, then lets him go. I did not see that coming and she may regret this decision in the end.

After Still not getting a witness to identity the KGB Agents who were in Chicago and the sketches not really amounting to anything, Stan is still on the Philip and Elizabeth train. He goes to talk to a former KGB Agent who has helped the FBI in the past. He shows the guy a picture of Elizabeth (who of course he can’t positively identify) and asks some questions. The guy says that she’s pretty and she has great hair.. and oh yeah, she smokes like a chimney. One nail in Elizabeth’s coffin.

Elizabeth has a meeting with Claudia (Margo Martindale) and tells her that she did not follow the instructions to kill Nesterenko (Alex Feldman). She wanted to know the reason why they want this man dead. Claudia then drops the bombshell that will change Elizabeth forever. The Center and Claudia have been lying to her and will falsify her reports to make Nesterenko look like a traitor. Which will make Gorbachev look like a traitor, the very reason for everything that Elizabeth has been doing. This has a serious effect on Elizabeth, knowing that her own husband, The Center and Claudia have betrayed her.

When Elizabeth returns home she asks Philip to get a message to his “contact” and tell him that everything they feared is happening. She explaines to Philip that The Center and Claudia are actively trying to eliminate Gorbachev, by whatever means necessary. Could it be that the Jennings are on the same side now?

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