The Handmaid’s Tale (S02E05) “Seeds”

So, at the halfway point in season 2 of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ June is MIA and has currently been replaced by Offred the Perfect Handmaid. It’s a bit creepy. Make that very creepy. Aunt Lydia is a frequent visitor to the Waterford house, and being all pregger and obediant, June receives far more benevolent treatment at Aunt Lydia’s hands than probably ever before. Nick is also concerned for June, though his motives are a lot different. And Serena Joy, who is politely chided by Aunt Lydia for smoking and for the mildly tense atmosphere in the house (both are bad for the baby) knows it.

Which brings us to one of the two weddings we witness in tonight’s episode. Serena Joy and June go to a Prayvaganza. (Really, who came up with that name? I mean, I know it was Margaret Atwood, but how does the cast say it with a straight face?) This Prayvaganza is for everyone, andmhas a very specific purpose. Some Guardians, including Nick, are walked onto the stage while their praises are sung (not literally) and they are going to be rewarded. Each one is handed a box. Hey, they’re being given medals! Um, no. Inside the boxes are…wedding rings. They are going to be married. Right then. To a total stranger. A stranger who, in Nick’s case, looks super young. He puts one of the rings on her finger, then puts the other one on his own. He looks a lot less happy than Prince Harry looked this morning at his own wedding.

The other wedding is about as unlike Nick’s as a wedding could possibly be. In the Colonies, people die on pretty much a daily basis (and if you help with the bodies, you get egg at breakfast!) One of the women, Kit, is dying, and Sally, a rabbi, marries Kit and Fiona. Janine arranged it, and Emily is not impressed. She tells Janine that they’re dying and she’s decorating the slaughterhouse. Janine says that at least Kit will die happy, and I must say I agree with her. If you have to die anyway, trying to grab a little happiness is not the worst thing. Maybe Emily should try that. I would think that losing teeth would be the first symptom of, well, whatever the women actually die of in the Colonies.

The field where they bury Kit has a LOT of little crosses. If you have an image in your head of what a potter’s field looks like, then it probably looks a lot like this.

Now, while all these happy events have bee taking place, Robo-June has been bleeding. A little spotting at first, but when you see June sitting in a bath that’s red with blood, you know she’s not well either mentally or physically.

After a champagne toast with the Waterfords, Nick is heading to his apartment for his wedding night when he spots something. It’s June, lying on the ground, unconscious.

When June wakes up again, she’s in the hospital, and she has a fetal monitor strapped to her belly. So she didn’t lose the baby. When S.J. goes to find a doctor, June whispers to the baby that she’ll get them both out of there. June is back.

Other things:
– When Naomi tells S.J. how much she liked S.J.’s ‘intimate’ shower, and found her own overwhelming, was she being catty and implying her own shower had a bigger turnout? Yeah, I’m guessing she was.
– Sorry, people who put the toilet paper rolls on the holder like that are Doing It Wrong!
– In the Colonies, what was the white flakes falling? Snow? Ash?

“He couldn’t hold you in his palm somewhere else? Like Bora Bora?”

“She’s young, but not a moment to lose, I suppose.”

“Cows don’t get married.”