Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 02)

My readers, we have another great issue of the comic series known as Tinseltown! I can’t tell you all how honored I truly am to be able to review such a phenomenal story, the work of this story is absolutely wonderful. I have been given the honor to read these comics before they are released to the public, so lets get to the review!

So I have to say when I read the first issue I was incredibly impressed, especially with the in memory that David Lucarelli did in the first issue; and I love that the second issue started right where the first issue left off. It’s not every day that you read a comic book and the story travels right after each issue. Most comic companies demand for the story to jump after each issue to where its a different story in each issue. But I respect David Lucarelli to not do that and to continue the story right where each issue leaves off that way the readers are not confused in what happened with where the last issue left off.

In this issue we saw more of the struggles with our heroine Abigail whose a officer of security on the Utopia studio, within those struggles she has to go through day in and day out with different challenges every day. All with it getting closer and closer to her goal to get the word in with the real cops so she can become a real officer. Abigail not only had challenges in this issue, she had a little romance that sparked a bit with cowboy Dan; will the romance survive? I guess we will have to find out by continuing reading. Now that everyone knows that Abigail can be a real hero with a little heroic act on the set, Abigail just might have a huge chance to becoming a real police officer. There’s also the part where Abigail had to wear a new uniform for the parade which was interesting.

To see how different things used to be way back then is really interesting, I think thats why I’m always so invested and interested in this period comic cause it’s based around the times that women had it hard the most. Especially since back in those times women were not allowed to vote nor were they ever able to do much in job wise other than just look pretty at home and enjoy giving the home that loving notion to it. Which if a lot of women read this comic series I think a lot of them would love and honor this comic series, cause it makes you understand how hard women had it way back in the early 1900’s.

Just reading this comic series makes me have more respect than I originally had for women back in this time period especially those who wanted to become police officers, because a lot of women didn’t make it. Instead they gave up their dreams and just became housewives which had to suck, being stuck in the house all that time probably drove a lot of them crazy. But those who did make it to become officers, they had to do a lot of work and in the end it paid off but it was still hard and for those women who serve now in these days as police officers, military, etc. it’s truly an honor to have you all aboard and we the american people salute you for your service.

For anyone who has any doubts about this series, don’t have them, this series is absolutely stunning and amazing, the art work done by Henry Ponciano is fantastic with every issue. The story that David Lucarelli created is a true piece of history written well and a phenomenal piece to honor his mother by. HdE always does a wonderful job with the lettering, if it wasn’t for this team of artist coming together I don’t think I would’ve ever heard of this comic series and I’m glad that I am the one who can review it cause I truly appreciate this story and I will definitely buy this issue just like how I went and walked 10 miles to the nearest comic shop to buy issue 1 because I am that dedicated to the cause David Lucarelli is trying to bring to our world!

Tinseltown issue 02 will be available to buy in comic shops and on Alterna Comic website on June 6, 2018

Next issue will be released in July, so be on the look out for that issue people!