Blindspot (S03E22) ” In Memory”

This is the episode we all have been waiting for. The Blindspot season finale delivered everything it promised. It was filled with shocking twists and turns and also it managed to tug at our heartstrings. Let’s get to the review
At the beginning of the episode, we see the FBI team is trying to decode Roman’s video message. Roman is trying to lead them somewhere and they need to figure out soon. During this scene, Rich provided much-needed comic relief through his awesome personality. Yes, I said that and I’m not taking it back. But this was the calm before the storm.
While the FBI was working on the tattoos Roman was setting the stage for the final showdown. We find Roman in Cape Town, South Africa. This season Blindspot has gone international, so it was no wonder that they ended the season in South Africa. Also, South Africa plays a huge role in the show’s mythology. Remi and Roman’s story started there. Roman wanted to end everything where it all began.

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BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

He gave the video message to the team to lead them to South Africa but for his plan to work he also needed Crawford. Roman lured Crawford to South Africa, quite easily I might add. Crawford wanted to pin all of his crimes on Roman. So, he followed him there. But, Roman being Roman, kidnapped Crawford to confront him for his crimes. Yes, we finally get to know why Roman wanted to take down Crawford. Turns out, Crawford built the orphanage that raised monsters instead of children. Crawford is the reason Remi and Roman’s childhood was destroyed. Roman confronted Crawford in that very orphanage with tears in his eyes. And asked him why he did that. Why he ruined their lives. At this moment, one thing I liked about Crawford was that he was very honest. He did not lie to Roman. He did not hide anything. But  I think he also tried to emotionally manipulate Roman into carrying out his grand plan. According to Crawford, this orphanage was his passion project, he wanted to create soldiers, who will work for the greater good. I think Crawford was actually delusional to some extent, he really believed in his goal. Even in this situation, he did not beg for his life instead he tried to manipulate Roman into carrying out his plan. But Roman refuses to be manipulated. He tries to kill Crawford. But before he can do that the FBI team reaches the orphanage.

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BLINDSPOT — “In Memory” Episode 322 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

So, how the FBI team reached the orphanage? Let’s backtrack a little bit. Patterson and Rich finally figure out Roman’s video message. Which turns out to be a location in South Africa. After a hit and miss with Crawford, the FBI team manages to catch Blake. She agrees to make a deal with the team and gives information about his father’s whereabouts. Which leads them to South Africa. They follow the location from Roman’s message and it turns out to be the Kruger family estate. Jane starts remembering things from their childhood. Roman wanted her to remember what they were and what they lost. But, he also left a clue for them to follow. That’s how the FBI team interrupts Roman while killing Crawford.

Now, back to Roman and Crawford. Crawford did not want to spend the rest of his life in jail. He offers Roman a way out. He’ll stall them while he gets away. True to his words he stalls the team while Roman gets away. Jane kills Crawford. But Kurt gets shot by one of Crawford’s undercover double agent.

After his confrontation with Crawford, Roman rushes to Blake. To tell her everything, like how he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But Blake shoots him. She already knows everything. I was really shocked by this version of Blake. Despite her innocent act and all of her charity work. Blake really was capable of this sort of brutality. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. This was a heartbreaking scene. After being shot Roman kneels down in front of her and asks her if she ever really loved him. Blake’s answer was, how could she? She never knew the real him.

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This whole season has been about Roman and Jane. Everything that Roman did, he did it out of anger and love towards his sister. He was angry and hurt at his sister for leaving him. He tried to take it out on her through the tattoo cases. Even though he kept saying throughout the season that he wanted to destroy her and kill her. He was not capable of doing that. He knew that deep down. Even Jane knew that. They share a bond that’s deeper than anything else. That’s why Roman dying with Jane beside him was so beautiful and heartbreaking. I’ll admit I teared up during this scene. I didn’t want him to die. I wanted him to be finally happy. But I think he was so damaged that happiness was not in the cards for him. To some extent, Roman knew that too. As he lies down dying, Jane reaches him. He tells Jane that he never got out of that deep dark hole. The trauma, the fear that the orphanage put him through. He tells her that he is afraid of dying in the darkness and alone. But Jane assures him that he is not alone, she will be with him until the end, as sunlight pours all over them. Even after everything they have done to each other in the end they were family. Who loved each other no matter what. Roman dies in peace with his sister by his side with sunlight all around him, not in darkness like he feared.

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If Roman’s death was not heartbreaking enough we get some pretty shocking twists towards the end.
Jane is suffering from ZIP poisoning. Which causes her to lose consciousness. ZIP poisoning can cause her to lose her memory and also brain aneurysm. But fear not, before dying Roman gave her a drive that has information on how to solve the tattoos and a cure for ZIP. The only catch is the information is fragmented, the other pieces of information might be on other drives, which is scattered throughout the world. The FBI decides to track down these drives to solve the rest of the tattoo cases and to find a cure for Jane. Who by the way wakes up and have no recollection of her memories as Jane. Now she is Remi. In case you forgot Remi is kind of the evil alter ego of Jane. They don’t know about her memory loss though. This puts the team in serious jeopardy. Also, poor Kurt is fighting for his life from the gunshot wound he received in South Africa

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BLINDSPOT — “In Memory” Episode 322 — Pictured: (l-r) Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dot Com — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/e/NBC/Warner Bros.)

Now brace yourself for another shocking reveal. Zapata is working with Blake. She is the one who told Blake everything about Roman. She is seen talking about taking back power with Blake. That doesn’t sound good.
Apart from the Zapata and Jane reveal the Blindspot writers also left something hanging for next season. Roman was seen talking with someone over the phone for the last two episodes. Who can that be? Anyway, I guess we have to tune in for next season to find the answer.