Bob’s Burgers (S08E20) Mission Impos-slug-ble

In the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers, it’s all about that slug collection.

For everyone who grew up in the 90’s, Pokemon was a big part of our childhood. When the anime debuted on American television, we fell head-over-heels for the amazing pocket monsters. Burobu replaces Pokemon in the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers. Burobu is a collectible card game featuring different kinds of slugs and Louise is a fanatic about them.

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Not being able to wait until after class to trade her cards, she asks Tina to keep watch while she and Regular-Sized Rudy trade cards in the library. Tina caves when questioned by Ms. LaBonz about where the other students went and the cards are confiscated. Louise quickly devises a plan to get them back with the help of Regular-Sized Rudy, all the while furious at Tina for having ratted her out. Louise refuses to speak to Tina, but when Tina is confronted by Ms. LaBonz about why she’s trying to steal the cards back, Tina refuses to tell her. Louise sees how much her sister cares about her and how wrong she’s been to be angry.

The shorter story in the episode involves Bob giving the eulogy at a man’s funeral. The man, Harry, used to sell Bob pickles, but after a heated exchange about how sweet the pickles were, he and Bob had a falling out. Bob ended up throwing a pickle at him and they hadn’t seen each other in four years.

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While the smaller story is funny, seeing Bob throw a pickle at an elderly gentleman is hilarious, the larger story featuring Louise breaking in to someone’s house to get her cards back definitely steals the show. In this episode, we see Louise as all of us. As kids, we would have done anything to get our Pokemon cards back from someone who had taken them. Louise is an interesting character, pretending to be tough and uncaring while hiding a soft center. She never begins an episode with the best of intentions, but she always ends things better than when she started.