Bob’s Burgers (S08E21) Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You

Bob fights to keep things going smoothly in the season finale of Bob’s Burgers.

Catering jobs never go great for Bob Belcher and his family. In the season eight finale of Bob’s Burgers, we find Bob questioning his life choices. After reading about doctors who go to war zones and help the wounded he sees his restaurant as unimportant. The next day, a couple who had their very first date at the restaurant ask Bob to cater their wedding. Bob sees this as a sign that his career choice is worthwhile and they agree to cater the wedding. When the couple, Conner and Farrah, tell them they have only been dating for three months, Linda is sure that they are rushing into things.

Upon arriving, everything goes horribly wrong leaving Bob to desperately try to salvage the day. In a Broadway style song number, Bob and Linda express their emotions about the wedding. Bob sees himself as responsible for rescuing the day because it means that his job isn’t pointless. When Linda tries to tell him it isn’t his responsibility, it’s the couple’s problem, he doesn’t believe her.

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The final straw occurs when Bob falls on the wedding cake. Linda tries to fix it, hoping that Conner and Farrah won’t notice. When they see the destroyed cake, she tells them how they’ve been through the worst today and that means they can make it through life together even though they’ve only been dating for three months.

Throughout the entire wedding, Tina, Gene, and Louise have been sneaking into as many wedding photos as possible. Whoever is in the most photos doesn’t have to clean out the grease trap of the portable grill at the end of the day.

Bob’s search for meaning in his job is something that everyone has had to deal with. When reading about others achievements in life, it’s hard not to diminish our own successes. Bob sees his career choice as a waste since he hasn’t saved anyone’s life or made a bigger impact on the world.

Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You tells a story that anyone can relate to and highlights why the show is one of the most popular animated programs on television right now.