Family Guy (S16E20) “Are You There God? It’s Me, Peter”

It’s the season finale.  “Thank you, God! The amount of episodes per season is, “just right” Anymore of the Family Guy and his dysfunctional everything, would be over kill, literally! 🔫🔪🏹

Never the less, in tonight’s episode, Peter meets God after going into a coma. He ate himself into this state, after a weekend binge, fueled by a $1K credit from Uber. The driver guy touched  his butt. #payout

He’s down all weekend & ends up stuck to the sofa.  He’s “Dazed & Couch fused”, like Oliver Pratt, who narrates   #fusedtofurniture .

The sofa is from Ethan Allen and he doesn’t want to cut it off his  backside. But he falls  down the stairs when he tries to get out of the room with it. Chris, behind him, pushes too hard and he tumbles. The couch survives, but Peter finds himself on the elevator with The Master Creator. #ohGod

First off, He won’ t take  Trump questons. And yes, He’s everywhere, like Kevin Hart and “The Rock!” 😁 right?! RIGHT? ! Theres a poke at James Brolin that  I didn’t get. But he’s elder fine,  so any mention is cool. #elderfine God names all of the SNL major players alphabetically to ease angst  & then promises, John Stamos is getting no mo’ shows!  

They’re on an elevator, going nowhere, cause God doesn’t know where it’s going yet. #up, #down or #inbetween That’s when Peter realizes he is dead.  ⚰   Peter  asks for more time to prove he’s worthy of living and to be a better dad. He’s given 1 more day.

So the 1st thing he does is  bring  home a pregnant  feral cat. They go to the emergency department, soon thereafter.  Then a fun family dinner at Fuddruckers, goes south. They eat plain burgers and  chicken sammiches… Peter goes cray. Apparently at Fuddruckers a kitchen sink must be between the buns and juices must drip between your fingers and all over your shirt. It’s another epic fail at being a good parent

And so time running out; erry where he looks he sees God. And Nina Blackwood is dying from throat cancer. #wth?

Fearing it’s all over Peter meets his maker sitting in his car. They talk. Then just like the All of what makes Family Guy…Family Guy, it was over. With Peter having an epiphany, he declares God was right about evetything.  Well that’s all God wanted to hear. After all, religion is just “blind  subservience to an imaginary being” right?! 🤔

Yet regardless of practices, religious beliefs & our understanding of Cosmic Realities; Ultimately and Infinitely, God… & Love is a beautiful concept. So there’s nothing more to say here, other than “Amen!” 🙏 

Family Guy was probably renewed, so season 17 will return in the fall of 2018, Sunday’s @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Fox  🦊  …or not

3 clowns  🤡🤡🤡  lukewarm, yet has it moments

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