Imposters (S02E07) “Maid Marian On Her Tip-Toed Feet”

Ghosts are real because the past is real and the past haunts us.

After one not-so-good episode (episode six), things are finally getting impostory.  The gang, that are trying to get out of the life that wasn’t meant for them, are on a mission to pay back the Doctor and it won’t be an easy one because now Maddie is on the mix.

Once Lenny (yes! she is finally back!) got them the message of what they should steal (a ring), the appearance of Maddie changes the plan of the Ezra, Jules, and Richard. Remember that their families are in trouble if they don’t deliver.

Max and Sally have an idea because they know their time is coming up. They know the Doctor doesn’t care about the ring but actually cares about making Ezra, Jules, and Richard officially con-artists.

So now, that ghost that haunts you, the one you want to escape from, is the one you need to trust. But can six imposters trust each other?