Interview with Colin Macy-O’Toole

Why did you get involved with Below Deck Med?

I wanted to try something new and the show makes yachting look exciting!

Why make the change from being a captain in your own right to starting over yachting?

I wanted to try something new! Everyone starts from the bottom, but I’m a hard worker and have great work ethic, so hopefully I can work my way up!

Talk about the hardest thing to live with living on a yacht in such tight quarters for so long?

MY BED. It was the size and comfortability of a coffee table…

Did you ever regret joining the show?

Honestly I did. The first week I realized I didn’t belong. I’m the only one that didn’t work on a yacht before, but luckily my crew were great teachers and cared a lot and took time out of their day to teach me something new and made me feel really comfortable.

Tell me your favorite activity while off duty?

My favorite activity was honestly just going out and relaxing with a few drinks with everyone, not worrying about charter guests…

What was the strangest thing a charter guest asked you to do?

A guest asked me for WHITE gum balls. Don’t they all taste the same?!

Did you watch the show before you signed up for it?

I did! Being in the maritime industry for so long it was very cool to see a show about it!

Would you sign up for BelowDeckMed again?

100% YES!

Was it hard having to take orders, especially from someone so young after being a captain

Not at all! I think because I am a captain, I understand the importance of rank regardless of age.

From what I heard in the trailer, you have a great singing voice.  Do you sing professionally?

Hahaha. In the trailer I was jokingly singing! But I did go to college for music and I’ve been playing music and (seriously) singing since I was 5! Not professionally though.

Can you tell me something about yourself that would surprise fans?

(Similarly to question 10) I’m a musician! I’ve been involved with music since I was 5. I’m proficient in piano, saxophone and vocals. I made 3 New York State All-State ensembles in high school and earned a Bachelors degree in Music Education!


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