The Goldbergs (S05E22) “Let’s Val Kilmer This Car”

The Goldbergs (S05E22) “Let’s Val Kilmer This Car”

After getting her mom’s blessing last episode (which was fantastic by the way), Erica has really dropped out of college. However, when Murray finds out he puts his foot down and tells Erica to pay for food and rent. Beverly has a hard time seeing her schmoo like this and her smothering skills kick in. She gives Principal Ball money to hire Erica’s band for prom, just to give Erica some confidence. Erica is thrilled when she gets called with the great news that the band just landed their first gig.

In the meantime, when Barry hears Lainey is back in town after she also dropped out, he asks her to prom. She rejects him though and to not look like a loser without a date, he decides to not go to prom at all. To make sure people still see him as the cool guy, he wants to pull a prank so that he will be banned from prom. He enlists Adam as his assistant to come up with the perfect prank. They use the movie Real Genius as an example and take apart Principal Ball’s car. However, they realize this isn’t as easy as it looks in the movie and when Principal Ball sees his broken car, he cancels prom altogether.

When Lainey hears that prom is canceled, she completely freaks out. However, Erica’s reaction is much more calm. She has so much confidence now, that even when Beverly tells her she was the one who got her the gig, she doesn’t care and isn’t afraid of her adult responsibilities. When Beverly sees this, she finally puts her foot down as well. She tells her daughter to get a job, while being so angry she can’t stop yelling. So much even that when she’s cursing her whole head gets blurred.

Erica realizes she has to grow up and has to search for a real job. So she promises her parents that she will start paying rent and thanks Beverly for getting her her first real gig. Murray may still not be happy with Erica dropping out of college, but he seems to be glad that she’s at least trying to work for everything now. Beverly assures Erica that she will always have a safe place at home, no matter what happens.

Barry confesses to Principal Ball when he hears that he’s the reason why the band’s gig is canceled. So prom is back on (except for Barry), which means the gig is back on as well. Lainey hears Barry was the one who took the fall for his prank and they get back together. As a matter of fact, when Barry asks her if she would marry him, she says yes. “I’m a high school senior who’s gonna marry a college dropout!!” What could go wrong..??

And with that we’ve finished another season of The Goldbergs, and we do so with a great episode. I like where the storyline with Erica and the Dropouts is headed so far. After a season of experiencing the Bevolution, we can still see that it’s just in Beverly’s nature to meddle and help out her kids. But I’m glad she finally came to her senses and supported Murray in his anger towards Erica. The moment where Beverly is just cursing is one of my favorite scenes this episode. I’m glad Erica is following her dream and that her family is supportive in their own way. I really enjoy Valley Erica’s character and I’ve always loved Lainey as well so there is a lot of potential in future episodes, with The Dropouts struggling to make their dream come true.

I also really enjoyed Barry’s storyline. Barry has been a mess ever since he and Lainey broke up. His excitement about the fact that Lainey also dropped out was very sweet, and it shows that much he cares about her. I am very curious how they are going to explore their relationship in the next season. Besides all that, I thought him trying to pull the greatest senior prank was hilarious. And he finally did it in the end by Val Kilmering Principal Ball’s new car.

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Another episode filled with hilarious lines and situations, but most of all very sweet and emotional scenes that show us what The Goldbergs is all about.

As Adam says in his voice-over: “The biggest changes were yet to come”. With Erica’s new career and Barry’s engagement to Lainey this seems to be true. But as Murray told Beverly: “It’s tomorrow’s problem”. We will have a lot to look forward to. I can’t wait to see what will happen with The Goldbergs next year.

The Goldbergs will be back on ABC on Wednesdays this fall.

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