Fear The Walking Dead (S04E06) “Just in Case”

Last episode was a pure flashback of John’s life and how he met Laura aka Naomi.

And so much happened in this one. For one part we discovered what happened to Naomi’s daughter. Remember she told John about her?

Once again, this woman tried to escape from Madison and her people but was intercepted by the member of the community. She said she didn’t want it to escape, that she knows a place where they can find supplies and seeds for the community, so Madison offers to go with her along with Strand. That’s how the three of them start a little trip to this promising destination.
But Naomi leaves again and goes to this place by herself, she was able to gather everything she needs, but while trying to escape the horde of walkers that were trapped there she comes across with her past. We later find out she lived there with her daughter and she died out of sickness and she wasn’t able to save her while looking for medicine. That kinda explains her volatile nature. She confesses her past to them, and while living there they had this truck full of supplies as part of the “JIC” protocol (Just in case), clever.

fear6 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E06) "Just in Case"

For his part, Strand comes clean with Madison and tells her about the car he stuffed with supplies and how he tried to escape with it eventually. He is another piece of work, but for some reason, Madison still trusts him, maybe it is the survival instincts and the ways he finds to deal with the outcomes that she likes about him. “Better the devil you know” right?
Eventually, the three of them come back to the stadium happy and full of food and supplies.
Alicia goes outside to brag about this winning with Mel, and without hesitation, he leaves, but no without warning Madison before. Mmm that was too easy…

fear2 2 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E06) "Just in Case"

Back to the present, Al took Alicia, Strand, and Luciana as promised to the location where they were supposed to find the Vultures. Little did they know that Morgan and John came across with one of them and warn them about this. What the f*** was that? I mean I know this whole “let’s stop them from killing each other” philosophy, but seriously Morgan, did you think this through? Sorry, but I cannot agree with his desition here, by doing so he doomed the others.
The two groups finally cross paths, well-armed and all. While Morgan is tried to middle the situation, the JIC rover we saw in the flashbacks arrives. Surprise or not the one getting out of it is Naomi. John seems to be the only happy to see her because Alicia goes full rage and shoots her, but John intercepts the bullet. Just don’t die, please!

fear3 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E06) "Just in Case"
So, does this mean that Madison is alive? Or at least was alive? What happened all this time in the baseball stadium? Still so many questions.
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