Interview with Eric Ladin from SIX on History

Eric Ladin joins the cast of History Channel’s hit series SIX this season as Navy SEAL Trevor Wozniak. Ladin has been in several of my favorite shows; The Killing, Longmire, and Boardwalk Empire, so I’m seriously pumped to see him on SIX. If you follow him on social media (which you should) then you’ll know he has a wicked sense of humor and I am really hoping the writers let that shine through in season 2! Eric was kind enough to take the time to give us a little insight into Trevor, I hope you enjoy!

We can’t wait to see what new dynamic Trevor brings to the team, what drew you to the show and this character in particular?

It’s rare you get the opportunity to join a high-quality cable series that’s already on the air, so of course, that was attractive.  But really what had me most excited was the opportunity to explore the character of Trevor. The audition scenes were brilliantly written and not only gave me an immediate sense about the character, but also lent itself to the choices I wanted to make. That is not always the case when it comes to audition material.

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Barry Sloane teased in his interview that the audience is going to like Trevor immediately. Do you feel like that’s true? Are we going to love Trevor or love to hate to Trevor?

Barry is kind. I’d like to think the former, but to be honest, If I can elicit both of those feelings I will be happy as I think Trevor would want the same.

Coming after such a successful first season could be intimidating, did you feel like you had to play catch up at all to integrate with the team?

I think it actually played in my favor.  This is an extremely tight group of actors, none of which I had met or worked with in the past.  So when I met the guys the day before our training began, they were, of course, watching me, judging me and sizing me up to see what I would bring to the team, while I was doing the same with each of them.   This directly translates to the period that Trevor goes through for the first few episodes of the season as the newest team member.

Knowing how much training the guys went through for the first season, were you preparing way in advance for the physical side of the show?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have that opportunity as I got the job 3 days before I left for training.  However, I stay in relatively good shape, so I felt confident about my conditioning going in.

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Can you give us a little peek into Trevor’s personality and what he brings to the show?

Trevor is an operator first and foremost, that’s how he earns respect from his team right off the bat.  Like all of the characters he has demons but Trevor might be the most honest and in-touch with who he is.  He’s unapologetic, has a lot of conspiracy theories, enjoys recreational drugs, loves women and most of all giving unsolicited advice through a strong dose of bravado eliciting a reaction from his team.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve faced as an actor/director and what helped get you through that?

Simple answer, my wife.  One of the most difficult things for any actor (with a family) is balancing family life and work.  The crazy hours, the travel, the inconsistency, living with the personalities of different characters I bring home can all be very difficult on a family, and my wife has been instrumental in keeping me sane and keeping our family unit intact.

In a zombie apocalypse, how long do you last?

How many rounds of ammunition do I have?  Can you even kill a zombie with a bullet? To be honest, I don’t watch any zombie shows or read zombie books, so I wouldn’t know how to kill them.  Maybe that answers your question.

You’ve played a lot of military roles in your career, what made this one different? Were you able to use your past experience to help you shape this role?

Having a basic understanding of the military, and I would say mine is well past that, from research and experience of past roles, gave me head start with this project.  However, what makes all the roles different from a technical standpoint is that they have all been in different branches of the military.  I have played a Recon Marine, a Naval fighter pilot, an Army Ranger and they are all different. There are even specific differences between Team Six and other teams within the SEALs, so being able to zero in on those differences is always a challenge.

Having done other military shows, I can honestly say that SIX is the most technically accurate and tactically sound of all of them.  We have a SUPERB group of technical advisors that are part of every step of the production process making certain we represent them the most accurate that we can.

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You’ve had roles in so many shows we watch and love. There is a running joke on the internet that you can tell a lot about a person from where they know an actor from. Do you feel like that applies to your fans?

I have been fortunate to be part of some fantastic shows, so most of all I would say it means they have good taste in television.

You have a movie in post-production right now, what can you tell us about Painter and your role as Aldis?

The Painter is a very cool film about two lost souls who find companionship through art. And after spending 6 months shooting SIX, Aldis gave me the opportunity to do something completely different from Trevor and escape that role for a bit.

You’ve done quite a bit of voice work over the years, can we hope that trend continues? Is there a game or cartoon you’d love to be a part of?

Sure, let’s all hope! I love doing VO work as it gives me the opportunity to stretch a different muscle in a different medium than I am most used to.  It also gave me the opportunity to do projects like Scooby Doo that my kids can watch.  Being a part of projects my kids not only watch but enjoy has been one of the most rewarding parts of doing VO and I hope to do more for that reason.

Thank you again for taking the time for the interview, is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

My pleasure, thanks for the time.  I hope they enjoy the season!

You can follow Eric on Twitter @ericladin and Instagram @ericladin 

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SIX premieres its second season May 28th at 10/9c before moving to its regular timeslot Wednesday, May 30th at 10/9c

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