Supergirl (S03E19) “The Fanatical”

Okay everybody, we literally had a game changer happen in this episode. Never, and I mean never has the series gone into a series situation happening in our world but in tonight’s episode they went to this situation and it makes me happy knowing that they have gone to this issue, I will talk more about it in a little bit but lets get to this review!

So in this episode Corville’s (Chad Lowe) cult had a huge part to play in the episode without Corville in it except for like a couple minutes at the ending but that doesn’t count. So the cult had a runaway known as Tanya (Nesta Cooper) who all she wanted was to get out of the cult and she thought her way out would be to bring Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Jimmy/Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) the ancient book of Roa that holds a cure for Sam/Reign (Odette Annable). But will it truly cure Sam from being Reign cause I feel like it will have some kind of side effect where it either distort Sam’s skin and look and reveals the true look of Reign from the comics or it wont work and force Reign to evolve into the new Blight of the future even faster. I guess we will have to wait and see either way this goes its going to be interesting.

Now everyone, if this episode proves anything, it proves to never get involved with a cult. Cults are no joke, they happen in secret and not so secret in the United States and other countries all the time. A lot of people in cults think the only way out is suicide, but that’s not the only way out. If you ever know someone who is in a cult, who thinks they can’t get out, always encourage them. Tell them there is always a way out, wither it’s them leaving and getting involved with a government agency to help bring it down or anything they can get out. Always be there for people you know and care about you just might help one day to save a life.

Another thing I want to talk about is that huge, and I mean huge issue that they brought up in this episode with Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) that issue is racism. Yes people you heard me, this episode brought racism to the table for the first time ever and it is a game changer. I’m starting to think that Black Lightning series encouraged these shows we love to bring these issues in some way or form to the table of their series’s and it worked for this one. Jimmy’s story, and apologies for spoilers, brought us a part of his past where he tells his girlfriend Lena (Katie McGrath) about how when he was a seven years old he was arrested because him and his siblings and relatives were wanting to play hide and seek in the hotel they were staying at with Jimmy’s mother, only the police didn’t see it that way they saw it as african american people causing mischief and needed to be brought to justice. They did nothing wrong, and yet the police did this putting on Jimmy handcuffs on his lower arms cause they were too big for his hands cause he was just a kid. And this story came because he wanted to tell people about him being Guardian but he was worried how they would react to Guardian being a black man. With that story we feel more sorry about Jimmy, but this story just shows you that racism happens everywhere. Like how I said in my Black Lightning reviews before that we live in a time now in our day of age that racism shouldn’t matter but it does, because we have so many people in our world now in these days that help bring those issues back to light wither its from an incident that happened to them or an incident that happened with people they know and it’s not right but it happens. Wither you are African American, Caucasian American, Asian, etc. you should always be treated the same way with no limitations and thats what a lot of people in our world now in these days don’t understand, and they need to.

In this episode we also saw Olivia (Sofia Vassilieva) you all might remember Olivia from when the cult was first introduced to the series in that one episode where Supergirl made everyone see that she was not a god. Well she truly lost her mind for this episode, thinking that she had to become a world killer in order to help defeat Reign or to join Reign it really wasn’t made clear, I was going on the side of joining Reign. But thankfully Supergirl was able to help her get back to the right path, but it also meant for Olivia to lose her arm or I think she lost her arm when Supergirl heat visioned the stone out of Olivia’s grasp. Lets hope that kid gets on the right path this time around cause yeah cults are not good.

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