BelowDeckMed (S03E02) A Perfect Storm (Spoilers Ahead)

It’s bumpy skies ahead for our crew as they start a new day with the charter guests from hell on this episode of BelowDeckMed.

After the dinner debacle from the night before, the primary charter Nichelle approaches Captain Sandy and voices her concerns.  

If you think that dinner was the dinner from hell, oh, we’re just getting started.


Poor Kasey still hasn’t gotten over her seasickness, so Hannah, in a moment of compassion, sends her out with the guests to dry land to see if that helps her recover.  Kasey seems to get better while on dry land, and the guests have a good time.

Apparently they pass for normal on dry land.  (Maybe being at sea turns them into hags?)  They shop and eat lunch, which includes pizza (another starch) and salad out of, (gasp) a bowl!  I guess they do eat out of bowls after all.  Maybe it was the lack of protein from having to wait so long for their nuts?  Who can tell with this group.

The tension between Conrad and Joao continues to build, as Joao uses growing up in Zimbabwe as an excuse to challenge everything Conrad tells him to do.  He’s sent to take the guests to Capri with Kasey and immediately tries to hookup with her even though she tells him straight away he hasn’t got a chance in hell.  He’s starting to remind me of Bobby with his single mindedness towards chasing girls that shoot him down and challenging authority.

Hannah and the charter guests reach a detente for the moment, and she’s glad to have a they while they go shopping.  No, not husband shopping this time, so it’s slightly more successful.  They’re postponed on land because of a downpour, and Hannah and Brooke talk about Brooke’s boyfriend not being able to deal with her being so far way so soon into their relationship.  Hannah tells her to look after herself first, and Brooke seems to take that to heart.

Everything seems to go much smoother, except the for the red headed redneck from hell.  She moans and complains about everything, worried about getting struck down by lightening (I can’t imagine why) and then springs on Hannah that it’s Nichelle’s birthday and she starts talking about the cake.  Hannah’s like what cake?  and goes to check the preference sheet, which has absolutely nothing about a cake on it, so poor Adam has to pull a cake out of his a**,  which he hates doing.  (Don’t we all?)

Captain Sandy’s presence has been requested at the dinner, which she’s dreading, and it’s going relatively smoothly compared to last night.  Except for the fact that Michelle doesn’t like seafood.  Guess what the dinner was that night?  You guessed it, seafood.  Nowhere on that preference sheet (gee, I guess she forgot she didn’t like seafood?)

The guest is either drunk out of her mind or on something because she’s barely cohesive and the night just goes from bad to worse.  She doesn’t want the duck Adam made for  her, or the chicken, or shrimp, or anything else apparently.  She seems confused out of her own mind as to what she likes to eat!  Who doesn’t know what they want to eat?  Usually, when you’re that drunk, you’ll eat just about anything.  Not her.

This time, as Captain Sandy’s witnessing the chaos with her own eyes, she defends the crew as none of these dislikes are listed on the preference sheet and she actually sees what’s been going on.  She handles the situation with class, and the situations diffused.

The guests finally leave the next morning, but not before some parting words for the crew.  Nichelle wants to make sure they pay more attention to ahem, the preference sheets, and other than that, the charter was great.  They head home and the crew goes out to celebrate.

Should be smooth sailing from there on right?  Ha.  When has crew’s nights out ever ended well?  Joao gets plastered and hits on Kasey all night long; Brooke bawls in the bathroom on Hannah’s shoulders about breaking up with her boyfriend, then, on the way back, a drunken Joao decides it would be fun to go after Hannah.

Remember the whole touting authority thing he has?  It’s even worse when he’s drunk.  He goes after her life and she lets him have it.  The most shocking thing is when Adam actually jumps in and defends her against Joao.  It seems they really do get along now.  Remember in BelowDeck when Senior Deckhand Trevor attacked Kelley coming back from the bar?  It was exactly like that.

Well, we’re officially one charter down and it’s been rocky this time around.  How do you like this season of BelowDeckMed so far?  Better than last?  If these where the first guests, how bad do you think the next ones are going to be?  Was Joao out of line?  Will Kasey get over her seasickness?  Let me know what you think in the comment section.