Interview with Captain Sandy Yawn, BelowDeckMed

What made you decide to sign up for BelowDeckMed?

I did not seek being on the show (BelowDeckMed)  A friend suggested that the producer and I meet.

Once I met the producer I thought to myself why not I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I was reluctant at first due to the way my industry views BelowDeckMed.  Most people in yachting are not fans of the show. I think since I’ve been on it I’m turning that around.

Has being in the public eye changed your career?

It has.  I can’t get a job as captain on a vessel because I can’t sign a contract for 1 year. The show has an option on me for a few years.

I also like the fact I’ve been given a platform.Now its up to me to take it somewhere. My nephew was diagnosed with Autism which prompted my sister to found a school in Jacksonville Florida.

I support her as much as possible and of course I am a huge supporter of saving our oceans!

Life is short and I want to leave here feeling like I did my part.

How has the show been a positive influence in your life?

Yes of course! I now have the attention and a platform to implement change. I have now cut back on using plastic products. I hope to get to 0 % use of plastic. I’m starting there. Our oceans is full of plastic and our marine life is suffering. Captain Sandy plans and is using this platform to implement change.

I also started the I believe tour. I had my first one in Miami. Its based on believing in your dreams! I love the USA because we are have choices. Its this simple: If you believe you can’t you will be right, if you believe you can you will be right, so believe you can!

People talked about how different you were to Captain Lee when you first came on.  Do you get tired of always being compared to male counterparts?

That is the nature of human beings, we compare. I am a woman so there is know way I would ever lead like Captain Lee. I am a person who has had challenges in my life both life and near death.

I like to believe that our life’s  experience mold us into the leader we are today. I had someone believe in me and give me a chance to that is what I will do for others. I don’t get frazzled by other peoples opinions thankfully!

What got you into yachting? I grew up on Florida and was kicked out of 11th grade, I needed a job so I found a job washing boats. I never went to collage.  I was  reengaged and could not find a job but that one. I found like really liked boats!

Do you ever wish you’d gone into a different profession? No way! I love what I do.

Is there a moment in your career that is most memorable? Fire in the Red Sea. Save the boat and the crew! I have a movie development out about this story! 

Let’s talk about the show for a few minutes.  Knowing what you do now about Adam and Hannah, why did you hire them back on after last season?

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Remember I was once a reengaged. I believer in people and when you do most people want to do better. Did you regret bringing them back? No I have no regrets.

Describe the most difficult part of being on BelowDeckMed.

Being filmed 24/7 its so hard! So hard!