The Flash (S04E23) “We Are The Flash”

Guys and gals, I know I’ve said that this series has had great season finale’s before but this one I think seriously just topped all of those season finales. Like seriously, we need to discuss about what just happened and I will also go into detail about a certain character that we finally got a name for and I know a lot of you are saying it’s about time!

So in this season finale, we finally had Devoe’s (Neil Sandilands) plans thrown into motion; Devoe started using killgore’s powers to darken the city in a dark cloud of dark matter forcing people to start losing their intelligence. Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team work on a plan to try to stop the enlightenment which will happen in ninety minutes for the city. With the help of Marlize/The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) we had a crazy but yet successful idea brought into motion that worked really well, probably more well than what Devoe could ever have imagined. The idea was to have Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) use the inhibitor to help Barry’s mind go into Devoe’s mind which worked, poor Cecile though, having to use those powers that probably got transfered to the baby once it came into the world which yeah that happened in this episode too but lets focus on one thing at a time.  Cecile having labor pains and having to help Barry stay connected to Devoe’s mind, as Barry travels through Devoe’s mind trying to find Devoe’s better half; Barry stumbles across Ralph/The Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) which has stayed alive because Devoe needs Ralph in order to keep his own form staying but when Barry takes Ralph and defeats literally an army of Devoe’s kind of like a Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions kind of style Barry managed to defeat Devoe by helping Ralph through the portal to come back to reality. Devoe lost control and Ralph regained his body once again, with Devoe gone we all thought it would be all great! But with killgore’s powers Devoe still had one way to try to do his own plans but because Barry had defeated him, he stayed true to his words and lowered the enlightenment to 0 percent.

Devoe then forced the satellite to explode forcing many to become in danger which forced Barry, Ralph, and Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) to help Central City citizens be safe once again. When Barry tries to use the speed punch which would’ve obliterated Barry forcing him to sacrifice himself and literally never have a life with Iris (Candice Patton) which would’ve been bad. Thankfully we had a speedster there who used the speed force to reset that time so that both Barry and Mystery Girl would destroy the satellite together which helped Barry to stay alive. Cecile also gave birth during all this happening to a baby girl named Jenna West, which in the comic books old and new there is no history about the west family having a baby girl named Jenna West. However there is a West that does become the new Reverse Flash in the future of the New 52 comics his name was Daniel West. But given that this baby doesn’t have speedster powers most likely it’s going to highly unlikely then but we will have to wait and see.

Now Mystery Girl, who we all have been having millions of theories going from her being Barry and Iris’s daughter to possibly being Joe and Cecile’s daughter or even being Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) future kid. But now we finally have a name and it’s a comic book used name as well which is amazing it makes me really wonder how much they will truly use of this comic book character’s origins and what will be altered to suite the show more better. So, Mystery Girl who has been all over the season as the biggest mystery whose helped Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph with paying for their coffee, to spilling coffee on Harry (Tom Cavanagh) to being a server at Barry and Iris’s wedding, to then helping with the satellite to then revealing who finally says “This House is Bitchin” to now revealing her name which is Nora Allen. Yes people Nora Allen which is given to her in memory to Barry’s late mother Nora; and she says that she is in trouble which leads us to the big bad of Season 5! Now Nora Allen in the comics which is the recent comics of Justice League, Justice League number 26 which is titled as Legacy, in the comic story Nora comes from the future to help the Justice League in defeating an enemy from the future with the help of all the Justice League’s children who have developed a league of their own. Only Nora Allen in the comics is not Iris’s child it is Barry and Green Lantern Jessica who had the child which gave Nora the superhero name Cruise. Now will the television show go with the origins of the comics or make her as Barry and Iris’s first child? It’s really hard to say but my guess is that its going to be the guess of Barry and Iris’s first child. Also it really does explain how Nora is a speedster and why she uses the jacket that Iris has used when she had Barry’s powers that one episode. We will surely be finding out more in Season 5 episode 1 about Nora Allen and what will be played out in the upcoming season; it’s obvious that we are going to be having some major conflict with what Nora did by saving her father’s life by reversing time using the speed force. I’m betting that we are going to be getting a speedster as the next big bad but one from the far, far, far future that is Nora’s arch-nemesis and not any of Barry’s which would be interesting and a change of pace.

Also Harry (Tom Cavanagh) got his brain back in order, given that he sounded like Barry when he first came out of the speed force which reveals that Barry was channeling the future of events that would happen. For those that remember Barry when he first came out of the speed force spoke lots of things “stars are shinning” “stars are falling” “we are going to be needing more diapers” etc. well Harry is the answer to who mentioned the stars! What will be of Harry Wells or another Wells in next season we will have to wait and find out in the fall!

The Flash Season 5 starts Fall 2018 either September or October we’ll find out sooner when the time comes!