Colony (S03E04) Departures and Arrivals

In this episode of Colony, we dig into Commander MacGregor’s past this episode.

Surprise surprise, we find out he was a conspiracy theorist that was “framed” before the invasion.

Going on the lam rather than jail, he hides out in his fortified bunker he just happened to have and skips out on his wife and kids.  Hero?  Somehow I think not.

Katie and Will  talk with their kids, and Snyder doesn’t look surprised when Will says that the RAPS have enemies.  Is there anything Snyder tells the complete truth on?  Obviously not.

He tells Katie and Will about the deal the RAPS made with the government, slave labor in return for defenses if the enemies ever make it to Earth.

Obviously, no one wants to believe that the RAPS are good guys in this.  If the RAPS are on our side, what the hell will the enemy to do Earth?  It doesn’t even bear speculating on.

Tensions rise in camp after MacGregor lies about what the RAP said.

He makes a speech to the others that makes them think there is no war between the clicks, which makes you think, “Why?”  What’s in it for him?  Is he worried about their safety?  That they might panic?

What’s in it for him to keep them in the dark?  Is it just another way to hold on to the power he clearly loves having?

MacGregor defends his stance on lying about the RAP to Will and Katie.  They don’t believe him, and try to make their case about the RAP telling the truth about having enemies by telling MacGregor about the other alien they found in the escape pod.

MacGregor doesn’t care; instead he focuses on making sure they know the importance of following the company line.

Katie talks Vincent into trying to talk MacGregor out of destroying the RAP, worried that killing it will bring all hellfire down on them.  Vincent agrees, but MacGregor shuts him down, and destroys the RAP anyway.

Snyder is worried, and looking for a way out.  He tells Will and Katie what he’s seen, then with them distracted, tries to make a break for it.

As they uncover a plan to send the RAP and a bomb to the Seattle Colony, Will, Katie, Bram, and Vincent try to stop the plan before it’s carried out.  Somehow MacGregor finds out and surrounds them when they try to get the RAP.

MacGregor talks Vincent into believing that the Bowmans are double agents, using the Bowman’s own intel against them.  Vincent caves, and hands his gun over, and Will and Katie and Bram are taken into custody.

Remember how Snyder was trying to escape?  He makes it to the woods, where he’s trying to locate the tracking device he’d hidden earlier when he gets captured.  Things go from bad to worse for our heroes this episode.

Meanwhile, Broussard and Amy continue to make their way to the camp and meet with the man on the walkie to get coordinates.

Apparently, that’s against protocol, but Amy clearly has a pattern of breaking protocol now, doesn’t she?  Is that a red flag or just reflective of the fact that she was a civilian before the Arrival?

They get the coordinates; but just as they’re about to leave, the station they’re at gets attacked and the point man is shot up in the attack.  He finally confronts her, asking why they keep getting attacked every place they stop.  She tries to turn his distrust around on him, but he seems to see through her story.

They call a truce, and head on to the Seattle Colony but trust is broken between them.  They stop for the night, and Amy discovers a crate of flyers that had been air dropped advertising a “New Seattle, The Emerald City.”  Hmm, where have we heard that claim before?

The Emerald City of Oz wasn’t quite what Dorothy and her trio expected either.  When they get to the camp, it’s nothing but a burned out shell, that had been abandoned in a hurry.  No signs of humans remain, other than what was dropped when they tried to escape.

What happened to the Resistance Camp?  Will the Bowman’s survive being held?  Did Snyder manage to find his location device and if so, will help arrive in enough time to help the Bowman’s if that is his plan?  Do you trust Amy?  There’s so many questions after this episode.  Let me know what you guys thought in the comments below.  What was your biggest takeaway and most WTF moment of tonight’s episode of Colony?