#Empire (S04E18) “The Empire Unpossess’d”

It’s the season finale and Eddie has a strong hold and Lucious by the balls. It ‘s clear Lucious killed the wrong one. Just sayin’.

Tiana is back and pregnant. Rhonda is back, but not really.  And so the night begins.

Eddie wants BLOOD. He cannot be bought, bartered, battered nor beatened. When he visits Lucious he brings his 38 snub. He pulls it when Lucious bitch slaps him.

Thirsty cannot work miracles and feels, “this has been a long time comin” Looks like the jig is up.  Lucious has no way out. #comeuppance

Cookie grovels and meets with Anika at a bougie place for lunch.  She’ s offering her an independent, her very own Biz…her own building! Just get her the scarf.  She says “No”  and then walks away.  They didn’t eat

Tory overdoses. She’s gone.  😓  #grandmalseizure “Being in the spotlight hurts too bad”  Tremendous talent. So many deaths on Empire. “Whas’up wit’dat?!” #murder #suicide 

Lucious meets Renee. #mamacookie She’s tough & taunts.  Lucious doesn’t back down. “Pretty Words from a pretty man, tell my daughter to call me! “#BOOM 👊She calls him, “Old Yeller”  behind his back. 😙 #precious 

Lucious talks with Andre. He’s turning himself in for Shine. He gives a directive. He’s the “From Philly to Wall Street” Lyon & he’s most like him. He’s proud of him. He’s The Lyon to look after the Family, while he’s gone. “I love you, son”. “I love you, Pop”. 😢 Good scenes.  He prepares a bid for 750M

At dinner. The boys are not happy about the latest. Jamal is ready to let Eddie have Empire. It ain’t worth keeping it, if it’s busting up the family. “No” They’ll bid.

And they did. Barker/Patel $700M The Lyons bid.  “Zero” thanks to Cookie.  What?! She played the “we’re the most valuable asset” Barker & Patel win. Cookie didn’t want Lucious to go to jail.  #standby your man. But it was a bad move In my opinion and a not so subtle attempt to extend the drama. 😕…and keep Forrester for another season.

And now Eddie wants Lucious’ pay out  too, 100M  or he’ll give up the scarf. ‘Think it was the bitch slap

AND  the 750M raised from the rent party must be returned to the pledgers That was the deal.  The Lyons are broke!  

Lucious is pissed. Cookie decided without him. He flashes back to their come up; while Eddie takes down the Lyon logo. It drops with a bang. He’s happy.

Eddie has been “allowed” waaay too long. Enough #makeithappen

Jamal needs to be “no body”after Tory’s death. He just wants to disappear. He packs.  Cookie’ cries.  

Andre offers congratulations to Anika at the Empire takeover over celebration. He offers a truce. 🍾 and a champagne toast.

 Back at the Penthouse, Lucious gets down on 1 knee, not the prosthetic & proposes. They go to the judge, cause she said “yes” 

Tiana visits Hakeem. She’s pregnant…& scared. Blake is there for humor & a “Wow!” 

Anika falls to her death after seeing Rhonda at the Empire celebration. #haunting  She’s hallucinating. She falls on a table with the same thud & splatter, as Rhonda’s fall onto that car, back in season ?.. She looks up and Rhonda disappears.  ‘Bye Boo Boo Kitty #RIP

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” 🎶 #Ashford&Simpson  classic plays, while Cooucious kiss & marry. Jamal walks around somewhere. He appears to be adjusting.  Andre is praying in a church. #forgiveness 🙏 He drugged Anika  & caused her Hallucination and fall #payback

And Blake ‘s racist daddy pulls a shotgun, while Hakeem, Tiana, Blake & baby Bella are leaving the building. 3 shots are fired.

See ya’in September. Day &  time TBA

4🌟🌟🌟🌟 finale … pleasantly surprised Alfre Woodward, the montage & the final shots…literally nailed it.

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