Legion (S02E08) “Chapter 16”

Reaching beyond the realms of space and time, this episode of Legion leads the viewer in a very different direction. Each moment brings them closer to their inevitable destruction, but the answers continue to allude them. It’s time to kill the monster.

Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) may not be of functional body anymore, but his mind has been elevated to another plane of existence. Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Able to tap into the fallen monk’s memories, the location of Farouk’s (Navid Negahban) body is revealed. Miraculously, Ptonomy is able to tap into a Vermillion to deliver this important information to David (Dan Stevens).

legion161 300x141 - Legion (S02E08) "Chapter 16"
David and Syd stepping into the light. (google)

It has become a race against time and circumstance. Who will get to the body first? Even though David may have a well thought out plan, nothing can never be easy in this world. Chaos is their only friend in these moments, and it brings something intriguing to the storyline. Each character will play an integral part to bring the Shadow King down.

Once an idea is implanted in the mind, it just needs a push in the right direction to connect the proverbial dots. Syd (Rachel Keller) starts the event in motion, the thought of love propelling her forward, while the rest follow (or at least attempt to) with the expertly laid out bread crumbs David has left for them. Ready. Set. Go. It really is a race to the finish.

legion162 300x165 - Legion (S02E08) "Chapter 16"
Oliver and Farouk. Onward to destruction. (google)

Now is not the time to underestimate the power that David possesses, he was able to weave into the minds and thoughts of his counterparts with such ease, it’s almost terrifying. It goes to show you that sometimes the end of everything has been right there all along. Staring at the shadows for too long makes one lose sense of reality, it’s time for them to all to step back into the light.

The hunt for the elusive monastery draws them deeper into the desert and into dangerous territory. Farouk knows they’re coming, but he fears nothing.  It comes as no surprise when Melanie finally submits to the voice he has left in her head, this will be disastrous for all parties involved. The true trials are coming, and there is no going back.


You can catch a new episode of Legion on Tuesday, May 29th on FX at 10/9c.

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