Star (S02E18) “Thirty Days To Famous”

It’s the season finale and the girls are at it again. Like all things of the iconic 3, they have their moments of zaniness, fun & fighting, like: The 3 Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Manny, Moe & Max, The Supremes, TLC &  Destiny ‘s Child. Yeah, “you know” 😉  

Anyway the girls are preparing for an album release party. Sound House  wants Noah to headline with GiGi. Take3 is the opening act! It’s happening in 30 days!  They’ll be famous.  

All is well in the salon, hugs all around until… the Diss Trak,  “There for u” (bitches) plays on the radio. All are surprised, even Star. Alex & Star fight. It’s a good one.  7M downloads. The Diss is 🔥 

Ms. Bruce can do hair again. 🙌 “yay

Day one: “The Turn Up Tour” Noah Brooks and GiGi Nixon (Keke Palmer) with Special Guest Take3  is promoting/trending. Cameras & lights flashing. Gigi wants to have fun. #druggie  Carlotta watches

 Later Noah is on a roll..of bad behavior. He’s high & arrested for hitting a security guard. He dances during his mug shots.

Day 2: Noah fires Carlotta when she calls him on his 💩 

 Cassie helps Carlotta clean up Jahil’s studio. She vows to find Jahil’s drive by.  #bitchplease 

Day6: The girls interview. “There for you” is the topic. “What’s next?” 2 of Take 3 roll their eyes.

Cassie visits Andy. “Just cause he hit it right” #sex  “Where’s my money?” She threatens his parents. She gives him 1 week, before she hits them at the Coffee Shop they visit every week. #gangstagal.

Day 9:  Star is on a photo shoot, solo. Simone shows up. Star tells Simone about her mom’s overdose & her role in it.  She’s not holding it against her. “Mama  was a dope addict…It’s a choice to be broken” She walks away. Star drops a tear. 

Cotton thinks Omari killed Jahil. She confesses to her mama. Carlotta slaps her, then hugs her. Cassie says she’ll take care of it. AND get Cotton & Jayden out of town #gangstagirl

Day15: Angel’s hearing was moved up. He’s being deported. He’s seeking an annulment. Simone sniffles. He walks away, last words, “I love you ” 😔😕 She cries  #damn

Day 28. Simone has been in bed for  2 weeks. 💔  Depressed Angel left her. Is he gone already? And he’s married to a USA citizen. How does that work?  No rights as a husband?  🤔 Anyway. Carlotta rolls her out of bed to the floor! #Getup

 Alex realizes Noah is a drunk, like her mama. She cannot do this anymore.  He leaves. She cries

Day 29: Take3 is in The ATL. They’re struggling, individally  & collectively. They do it for Carlotta. The Show must go on #breakaleg

They do “All The Way Up There” 🎤 in  Basketball Jerseys🏀  #corny The crowd wants to near ” There for you” & chant “ya’ll know me”  Star plays on the hype  & Alex attacks her. Right. On. Stage.  Alex shoulda just walked off. #fedup

Take 3 is out…Star is solo on the tour. Per Sound House. Alex & then Simone walk away.  

Meanwhile backstage, Noah is tryna slap himself sober, literally. GiGi comes in sprinkles coke in her cleveage  & he snorts it up & off.

They proceed to do a PG 18 number together. “Touching” Bleeps & all. It’s really good. He stumbles & falls  immediately thereafter backstage #high

Alex drives to Derek. She has a car? She’s crying  She’s going to New York tomorrow,  to her dad’s Yay! Roland Crane. #lennykravitz Derek rejects her. He has a girl now & she doesn’t lie to him. #BOOM  He walks away. #stillwalking too

Ayanna catches Andy stealing checks and signing her name. Somehow the gun in the drawer gets out & she’s shot. Andy officially has a”L” on the forehead #loser  He calls Carlotta

Day 30: Andy comes clean to Carlotta “Oh My God” is all she can say.  Cassie gangstagirl 

Ayanna recovers and I hope Jahil’s baby is fine. Carlotta will be Godmother no doubt.  

Ayanna does an aggressive take over and has her dad forcibly removed. #security  #byedaddy  She’s head of Floyd Entertainment, now.

Ayanna names Carlotta head of ..something that gives her the power to fire Maurice. She does so  immediately . #byefelecia

Star calls out Noah #addict when she catches him snorting with GiGi.

Later he’s seen on the ledge of a Hi Rise, ready to  jump, tears in his eyes

Star is singing “I Bring Me” solo. She misses the girls. She cries, silently

But Simone is on her way to the International Terminal #MrsRivera  😚#dominicanrepublic #sweet  

Alexandra is on way to NYC.  Derek arrives to board to be with his girl.😍 but the gates are closed. #sweet #mygirl

But ATL to NY, crashes in the Appalachian Mountains  

And  in the last 2 minutes, Cassie brings Carlotta a drink. Then they pull a gun on each other, at the same time!   Carlotta is shaking. Gunshot #bang

Star returns in the Fall on Fox…or not. Stay tuned

5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟…& 3 broken 💔 

Surprise! I liked this season. More music, relatable (other) people stories & toning down the obnoxious -Ness of Star works, too. Make me care. 

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