The 100 (S05E05) “Shifting Sands”

WonKru is now marching to the valley to fight the war we all saw coming. Not even Bellamy can get close to her without being threaten by her guards. Of course character development is good, and Octavia had a long journey since she was the kid living under the floor. But right now I don’t see her as a leader but more like a dictator, she just doesn’t listen, she only orders or kill those who don’t follow her instructions, and Im pretty sure Indra sees this too, that’s why she reminded to Bellamy that his sister needs him.

t1002 1 - The 100 (S05E05) "Shifting Sands"

Clarke of course isn’t happy either about the situation, her mom agreed to go willingly with Eligius crew in order to avoid confrontations. They need her to discover a cure for most of their people, as they present a rare disease. Kane tries to prevent more deaths and offers his knowledge about Octavia and their people to Diyoza, she agrees to start a conversation.

t1004 - The 100 (S05E05) "Shifting Sands"

Meanwhile Shaw and McCready took Raven and Murphy as prisioners, at least they are back to earth. And once again our favourite mechanic is tortured, why tho? Apparently she disabled the launch codes for the missiles, but in a turned of events it was Shaw who did it, and he managed to convince McCready to leave him deal with the prisoners, that’s when he confess the truth to Raven and Murphy. I told you this before.. Shaw was a promising ally. They make a plan to save both parties without being caught. As part of the plan Shaw let Murphy go so he can warn Emori and the other who were hiding in the woods.

t1006 1 - The 100 (S05E05) "Shifting Sands"

Murphy meet with them and tried to escape with the Rover drived by Madi, this was the lightest scene of the episode. First Murphy referring to Madi as the Hobbit and then she telling him her favorite of all of them is Octavia, mm I don’t think he is really surprised.
Sadly John couldn’t get to that far as his electric collar gets activated when he gets further from the remote, so he stayed behind and surprisingly or not, Emori stayed with him. MEMORI come back to us please!

t1005 1 - The 100 (S05E05) "Shifting Sands"

Even tho Clarke tried to convince Octavia no to go through the desert, she of course didn’t listen and went with it. While they were camping one man started screaming in pain, this scene felt like the ALIEN movie. Apparently there are some parasites worms which get inside of your body and leave their eggs, YIKES!. Clarke couldn’t do much for him, given that they were in the middle of the desert and without equipment. This disgusting parasite pop out form his belly and jumped everywhere, one of them got inside of Octavia by her arm. Fortunately Clarke was able to cut It and take this worm out, but still the little Blake is not out of danger as the venom is inside of her.

Monty warns Bellamy about the missile and that they have a friend inside, but they need to move. They get trapped in the middle of a lethal sand storm. Even tho they mostly made it, many got injured afterwards.
The group reunites again, Madi drove to the desert, where she met with Clarke. Oh how I loved this reunion, the little nightblood running to meet with Clarke in the middle and giving each other a big hug.
Another reunion was Bellamy with Echo, they were happy for sure, not so happy Octavia.
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