The Americans (S06E09) “Jennings, Elizabeth”

Elizabeth (Keri Russell) has had her fill and spends episode 9 showing just how much. She is following Gorbachev’s negotiator, in hopes of saving him from an attempt on his life.  After following him for some time, she spots a woman in a blonde wig approach him. She shoots the woman in the back, (she of course has a silencer)and saves the negotiator’s life (yes, I said saved).

Mrs. Jennings  then pays a visit to Claudia (Margo Martindale) and proceeds to tell her that not only did she save the negotiator’s life, but she tipped off Gorbachev’s administration about everything. She is also there to warn Claudia, even asking where she will go now. Claudia does not see it that way, she tells Elizabeth that she “had so much faith” in her, even when things were bad between them. She will go back to Russia and keep fighting for what she believes is the best future for the Mother Land.

Stan (Noah Emmerich) continues on his quest to prove that the Jennings are KGB, now carrying a picture of Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth in his pocket. Once Oleg (Costa Ronin) is arrested (with the coded message that Philip dropped, meant for Gorbachev), Stan tries to get information from him. He even visits Oleg in his cell without cameras and shows his picture of the Jennings. Oleg will not budge on the information, instead asking Stan to deliver the coded message to Gorbachev’s people. He explaines that he is in America to help achieve peace between the two countries.

There is a short scene with Stan calling Pastor Tim (Kelly AuCoin) and asking if there was anything he needed to know “as an FBI Agent” about the Jennings. I am very happy to report that Pastor Tim did not give up our favorite spys!

A very tied and disallusioned Elizabeth arrives home and gets what she thinks is a nice visit from Paige (Holly Taylor). Instead it turns out to be a terrible confrontation. See, Paige already knows the answer to the question she has for her mother. She asks about the intern who’s life Elizabeth spared last episode. He was very drunk and talkative at a party, talking about an older woman who “ruined his life”. This conversation did not go well at all. Paige calls her mother a whore, as well as a liar, and Elizabeth tells her that using sex has never been a big deal in the whole scheme of things. Elizabeth also tells her that Philip not only knew about her using sex to get information, but he was okay with it. The scene was intense and the acting was phenomenal.

Philip, not knowing that the Orthodox Priests are being watched, goes to visit Father Andrei (Konstantin Lavysh).  After talking about the state of the Jennings marriage, Philip asks why the Father wanted to speak. Father Andrei has a story about another priest who is jealous and suspicious of him… and happens to be going to have a conversation with the FBI. He tells the father to get out of there and quickly walks away, looking at every person in the park. He starts running and a few men start chasing a disguised Philip. He just barely gets away, jumping into a cab.

Elizabeth is sitting at the dining room table (smoking of course) when she gets The Call from Philip. She hears their code for “get out of the house now” and starts gathering their to go bag. Then leaves everything else behind, the memories, the American life and everything that they have built for the last twenty years.

Next week is the series finale. I am equal parts excited and broken hearted. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm Central on FX.