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We’re so glad to be able to share this interview with Edwin Hodge who currently stars as Robert Chase on History Channel’s hit tv series SIX. Hodge is fantastic in the role and was so kind to share his thoughts with us on the upcoming season!

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Chase is such a different character from the rest of team, coming from a wealthier background and being Harvard educated. What got you interested in being a part of SIX and playing Chase in particular? 

Who doesn’t like representing warriors? I was attracted to the idea of playing Chase based on the idea that there was always going to be something deeper and darker than the image people saw on the surface. Yes, he may have come from a more privileged background, but I wanted there to be an understanding that his wealth had nothing to do with his sense of morale. His calling is to serve a nation and protect them with his life. I simply saw it as a role that would be humbling and meaningful for those who engaged in the show and my character whether they’ve served their country or not.

Chase had quite the transition last season from the newbie to being fully a part of the team, especially after the death of Buck. Going into the second season do you feel like Chase is settled into his role, or is this still something he’s figuring out?

I feel that Chase is still discovering who he is. There was a lot that happened in the first season and he had to grow up quickly in a way. He was thrown into a situation where he had to sit back and question what he was doing and why he was doing it while trying to garner acceptance from his new brothers. There’s a steady evolution of who Chase is becoming this season, but it’s simply the tip of the iceberg.

 At the end of last season, we saw Chase and Fishbait refusing to allow the rest of the team to keep secrets from them any longer. Will the darker sides of those past misdeeds be haunting Chase this season?

Some could say haunting while others may say the misdeeds may be encouraging. There’s a fine line when it comes to war. Sometimes you do bad things for good reasons. At least that would be the perception based on the situation.

 If you had total control, what arc would you most like to portray for Chase?

 That’s a hard question to answer. We as actors are fortunate to work with an amazing production team. Prior to filming both seasons, we sat down with the writers and producers to sketch out a plan for the growth of our characters through the season. I’d like to dive into his love and home life a bit. It’s a side we really haven’t thoroughly explored with him. He’s so set on being the perfect warrior, but it would be interesting to see how imperfect he is at home. 

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 How does the dynamic of the team shift with the addition of Eric Ladin’s character Trevor?

Eric Ladin is a great addition to the team. His character comes in shaking things up a bit. He’s our wild card. He and I got a chance to work together a lot through the season. His character sees some things in Chase that even he couldn’t recognize and that’s where the friendship begins. Though they are from two very different worlds, the respect and loyalty to the team is evident.

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 One of the things we love about SIX is that it shows more of a true snapshot of the military than many other military shows. Was it important to you that SIX was going to bring the diversity of the team to the forefront of the show? 

 Diversity is great word for this particular time in American history. When we break it down, we all bleed red blood. Without diversity, we can’t honestly depict the military for what it is. The many branches of the military have men and women from many cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds who have found some way to agree to a common idea. They all chose to protect their nation though their reasons may be drastically different.

 Your parents were both veterans, how were you able to bring that knowledge and experience with you into the role?

I never really got to live understanding the military lifestyle because I was so young when my parents retired from the Marine Corps. What I do know is that there are qualities like never being late, being perceptive and understanding your surroundings, the ability to assess a situation and take charge or fall back when needed, and simple dedication to what you do and your purpose for doing it that has guided my life. All of these qualities are present in the show.

 What is the most difficult part of filming a series like this, and how do you work through that?

The difficult part of filming would be the physical aspect of it. On top of wearing forty to upwards of 65 pounds of gear, we are very focused on making sure the tactical movement and weapon manipulation is on point. Every two weeks, we are taken out to a firing range to work on timing, awareness, and overall choreography for upcoming episodes. It’s definitely a lot of fun to film this show, but we are also aware of the dangers of doing a show like this. It’s also very important everyone is mentally in tune with one another from the actors to the crew. We’re flying in Blackhawks, blowing up buildings, chasing cars in Blackhawks, and running through the woods on uneven terrain while firing at a target. We don’t have room for drastic mistakes.

 It’s really incredible that both yourself and your brother Aldis are successful actors. What pushed the two of you into the entertainment industry?

When I was three, I told our mother that I wanted to be inside the box after watching kids on tv and she made it happen. I started working and I’d get a toy for every job I did. That was enough incentive to get my brother into it. His career started because he wanted Batman toys. We couldn’t be prouder of each other. Our mother made sure we never looked at each other as competition. There were already too many things we needed to compete with, in life and family wasn’t going to one of them.

 You’ve been a part of quite a few horror movies – is that a genre you’ve always been drawn to?

I was never drawn to horror films per say. I just wanted to work on projects that I thought would be beneficial to my goals in the industry.  It’s just another chapter in the book that is my career.

 Coming off such an intense shooting experience back to normal life can be difficult, similar to what actual military members experience coming back from deployment. What helps you make that transition easier?

A lot of golf helps! I get out with my cast mate Kyle Schmid once to twice a week. I swear we are each other’s therapist as we try to stay sane while waiting to hear about season three. It’s not that hard to make the transition though. I usually have friends and family visit throughout the season, so I always feel a sense of my home life when I’m away. Other than golfing, you can catch me in the gym, my kitchen or writing. I want to step behind the camera as well.

 If you’re relaxing at home, what’s cooking and what music is playing in the background?

I’ll usually have some pasta or seafood on the stove. Braised short ribs have become a favorite lately. The vibes you’d be hearing would come from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae, J Cole, Jay-Z, Marion Hill, Logic, Jayden Smith, Esperanza Spalding, Anderson Paak, 6lack, Khalid and Nova Gholar to name a few.

 Thank you again for doing this interview, is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

I’d just like the fans to know that everyone associated with the production of SIX literally put their blood, sweat, and tears into making this season a great follow up to the first one. We appreciate the continued support and I can’t wait for the world to see it.

Season 2 of SIX starts Monday, May 28th at 10/9c then moves to its regular timeslot on Wednesday, May 30th at 10/9c

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