Imposters (S02E8) “Phase Two Sucks”

Let’s talk about bringing back the good old times. Yes! Imposters had one fun episode last week. One episode that is what Imposters should always be: full of twist and turns, full of deception, full of fun.

While Sally and Max are on a hunt for the real Doctor (will the real Doctor please stand up?) we get to learn what a vengeful man he is and that, like every man, he is just as flawed as anyone. So, his weakness will become weapons for the gang that, as they put it, just want out of the game.

For the others is time to find the ring and the task is up to Ezra. He is on a mission to seduce the one girl that has the Toby Jug that has the ring Richard lost.  And while it seems he doesn’t want to become like Maddie and break someone’s heart, it appears that old wounds haven’t healed between those two.

Talking about wounds, someone from Mexico makes an appearance that might just change everything.