Supergirl (S03E20) “Darkside of the Moon”

So with this literally being a game changer of an episode what will happen next you might wonder? Well I’m wondering the same thing but we need to do this review first, and this episode was a great one. I know I say that a lot but  I mean it this time!

So this episode we have finally revealed the last survivors of Krypton, living in a city called Argon with a shield surrounding it and Kara’s mother (Erica Durance) is alive, can you all believe that. I still can’t and I watched the episode! With all of this we finally have answers about the world killers creators, the Dark Kryptonian (Anjali Jay) is still alive as well, this is a huge reveal especially since she is the only one who is able to get a signal out to her world killers to have chaos and destruction be unleashed onto the earth. But it’s good to see that Krypton’s people will live on for now; your probably reading this wondering why do I say for now? Well turns out the black rock that Kara is after to help Reign (Odette Annable) to hopefully become cured and make her as only Sam is what is keeping the planet a live and if it runs out then all resources die and so do the people. Which if that happens I’m sure Kara will try to return for all the people and bring them to Earth which would be an even bigger headache cause then Superman and Supergirl will not be the only survivors of krypton anymore which then they wont be able to keep that title as “last survivors of dead planet krypton” cause they would have a whole colony living on earth if they all survive. But you never know maybe Dark Kryptonian will deal with that and help Reign like how she already has been secretly. Just don’t tell the Kryptonian’s that cause they don’t know they have a villain among them.

While on Earth, we had Alex (Chyler Leigh) in trouble, someone is hunting her. When Alex is in trouble where is Supergirl; in space thats where! I have to admit though the more and more I see Alex and Ruby (Emma Tremblay) together, the more it shows that Alex will be a great mother when that time comes and we all know that if anything does happen to Sam, then Alex will definitely adopt Ruby so that she will always be loved. But right now we have to see if this so called “cure” will work for Sam or if it will deform Reign, I mean when they first said they were casting Reign and I saw her comic book counterpart I was like that is gonna be a lot of CGI but then there wasn’t really anything just normal way but if this cure doesn’t work then maybe we will see that comic book version of her come to reality which now I think about it would be terrifying. Claws, Blue with White tent of skin, and Supergirl’s powers all mixed into one that is what I always envision as Reign. But one thing is for sure, Ruby is safe or is she? We will find out with the season finale happening in two episodes!

Now that Lena (Katie McGrath) has the black rock she needs will it be too late for the cure? Or will it just plainly not work? Why does Supergirl choose to leave Earth next episode? Is it because of knowing Krypton is still alive? Will she return in the Season Finale? What will happen to this series if she doesn’t return? All will be answered with the last two episodes!

Next Episode: Supergirl (S03E21) “Not Kansas” airs Monday June 4, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW